The assault rifle since halo 3 (because halo CE magnum and not existing in halo 2) has been the primary weapon you would use if you didn't spawn with a DMR or BR (not mentioning the halo 5 magnum) because it could kill another player and or elite in a decent time without being a pain to use. I feel the Assualt Rifle should have the the same roll in halo 5 as it has since halo 3 good easy to use but not a laser that could kill you from across the map and mostly a close medium range weapons that could beat a DMR or BR or magnum in more than just extremely close range. The new halo 5 Assualt Rifle is booty and although the old one was a cheese machine if you used it right it could be used by a beginner to get a couple of kills and it shouldn't be as hard to use as it is now.
I personally feel with the aiming down sights in Halo 5 the AR is easier to use. After the update your headshots roll up enemies really fast too
The new AR needs more skill to be used, if you aim to the head, you get kills faster and easier.
The new ar needs to be used, all the weapons need to be used bro!!!!!!