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[Locked] Halo Reach PC (MCC) Comprehensive Feedback

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Remove or severely reduce sticky reticle and bullet magnetism for controller input
  • People who want to play Halo Reach with a controller can do so on an Xbox. Controller support on PC is optional, it should not confer a massive advantage to players for using a controller on a PC game. The degree of bullet magnetism and sticky reticle for controllers is simply way too high, to the point that anyone who does not use a controller is playing at a massive disadvantage and with a much higher skill requirement. It's bad enough that players are finding ways to run gamepad drivers or force keystrokes to be read as gamepad input to cheat the system and partake in the aimbot. If it cannot be massively scaled down (reduction of 90%+) then it MUST be removed entirely. It is completely breaking the balance of the game. Controllers are optional.
A note on Marksman Weapons and Bloom
  • The game was developed for and balanced around gamepad controls on a console with reticle bloom at 30 fps (more realistically a functional 24fps due to hardware). For the most part a wonderful job has been done porting the game to the PC with keyboard and mouse controls at 60fps (or higher). However the consideration of how this affects a large part of the sandbox and its balance and functionality seems to have gone ignored, and the results of this problem are made very apparent by TU gamemodes with DMR starts and the retention of aim assist, sticky aim, and bullet magnetism on gamepad inputs. As previously mentioned, the game is fundamentally changed. The DMR was balanced as a light sniper weapon able to take on vehicles, giving the entire team DMRs at start makes vehicles useless due to how easily they can be focused down. Reducing/removing bloom makes the needle rifle functionally impossible to engage at long range. Marksman weapon starts on large maps make power weapons pointless, encourages camping, and makes the majority of the map an unplayable death zone (people are much more accurate with this weapon on PC). This should NOT be the standard mode of play. These problems are made even worse by gamepad aim assist and bullet magnetism. Attempting to balance this by adding these effects for keyboard and mouse controls would make the game horribly unfun and remove any semblance of skill-based gameplay.
Remove additional out of bounds limits
  • The PC port of Halo Reach has added an overabundance of new out of bounds locations that give the player a return to battlefield warning in both the campaign and multiplayer. These seem to be placed primarily on height-based locations such as the tops of buildings, streetlamps, and objects. These serve no purpose besides limiting player creativity in how they address engagements. They are so absurdly overused that they can often be accidentally discovered by simply jumping or being knocked around by an explosion, a good example of this being the lamp posts on the campaign and firefight version of Sword Base. Just, why? Remove these, they are an annoyance and only limit the ways players can be creative and have fun.
Fix custom emblems displaying on player models
  • Self explanatory. If it is not possible to include the newer emblem details into Halo Reach for whatever reason, then at least allow emblems that were available within Halo Reach at the original launch to function within the game and replace newer/incompatible emblems with a generic default.