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[Locked] How Does Onyx Ranking Work?

OP jetspeed47

Can someone please explain to me, how Onyx Ranking works! I don't understand it at all! I thought I had to try to get my stat to 200 so I can become a champion. Yet all my number has been doing is going up when I win a game and down when I lose! So here's an example! I was put into Onyx 1500, then I won continuous games and did very well and it went to 1531 then again I won and did very well and it went to 1553 then I lost a game and didn't do that great, and it went to 1532! It makes no sense! I thought the point was to get the lowest number possible!
Why would you think that it needed to go down? It needs to go up until you are good enough to be in the champion rank (top 200 of that playlists players) So keep playing and maybe you will get there. It needs to go up. Don't worry too much just keep winning.
Because everything 343 said suggested that number represented your individual rank. So 1500 would mean you are number 1500 and 1 means your #1 in the world.
in ranks bronze one to diamond six you get ranked based off of your team and winning/ losing
once you pass the level of diamond six you are switched into basically a parallel universe of ranking, you cant go back,
just like bronze one being onyx one, and champion one being diamond six.
---freshly promoted from diamond six will generally put you around 1500(most of the time) csr, winning and losing will bring you up or down 1-3000(most of the time), this varies on how full the onyx bracket is, because the top 200 will always be champion rating they are not set a specific CSR rating. meaing if there are only 300 onyx level players, there will only be 100 players at the onyx level, meaning the requirement to move to champion could only be 1600 or whatever the scenario is for said playlist. keeping that in mind if there are 10,000 onyx level players, then the requirement will be rated from there, meaning the onyx bracket could go form 1-10,000 if they needed the room, the top 200 set the number for onyx csr cap essentially.

ive personally seen an onyx 2 and an onyx 2960 you cant go lower than onyx 1 back into diamond but you can go from champion ranks back to onyx ranks,
another thing to note from bronze thru diamond your rated CSR, which is simply your win/loss ratio. when you go over to the other bracket of onyx and champ it includes CSR and Elo.// an Elo rating is basically a personal performance rating. comparable to the true skill rating from halo 3, only difference being how draws/ties being accounted for, Elo generally does this (as example) if you win the you +3 to your score/ if you lose -3 to score/ if you **tie +1.5 is half win and half loss.**Elo
true skill functions a little differently. taking into account MVP, medal count, accuracy, head shots, K/D, win/loss, etc. to determine a basis, as well as the probability of winning, based of games in a sequence or streak. say for example you win 5 games then lose one. it will assume after 5 victories you will lose the next one/ this will be adjusted and changed each game that you add to the total of data collected your rating quite literally being what it is that your probability of winning is. (ties being almost completely ignored in a sense a **tie is neither a win nor a loss**True skill.
when it comes down to how to determine if someone is champion rated using a true skill method would eventually create and un-attainable champ level(even when only a month long season). when using Elo, it is always changed depending on each player
Just to point out if u go below 1500 onyx u go back to diamond. Also, I'm confused why I (onyx 1840) win about 5 games in a row mostly against champs and only go up about 10 point in all. Then I lose one and go down 10 points. I happen to be on top, or close to it, on the leaderboard in these games too. It doesn't make sense.
Champions are the top 200 onyx players for a playlist. That means the 200 players with the largest Onyx ranks get a champ rating. So Champ 200 is the 200th-highest onyx player for that playlist. 1500 is when you first enter Onyx bracket; to get to champ, you’ll probably need to get your CSR to at least 1700, maybe higher.