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How important is a ranking system?

OP Nadesicle

To start this off, very important. After being a Halo player for so long, starting off my obsession with Halo CE, I've come to realize how important an effective ranking system is for a game. Especially when it becomes and is introduced as a competitive game that is used in tournaments for massive amounts of prize pools. I think Halo 5 could be so much more fun to the public if it had a ranking system like Halo 2 or Halo 3. I'll start by stating why I believe a ranking system like we once had could drive Halo's population back up and desire for people to play. I get why 343i has the ranking they have now for Halo 5, but sadly, it's failed. There are so many glitches and it's so inconsistent with how people are ranked. The attempt and effort put into trying to create a more balanced and effective ranking system is an A+, the execution has sadly failed. With the original 1-50 system, people were obsessed with getting 50's. Getting a 50 became a huge part of the matchmaking world. I, as long as many others, would stay up countless hours to try and get a 50 (In which I accomplished multiple times! woo!). People would argue and say that boosting, selling/buying accounts, host booting, etc ruined that system. What it tells me is just how dedicated and how bad people wanted to get a 50. How much it mattered to them. Hell, it mattered a lot to me when Halo 2/3 was out! Why would you take away a system that people loved and wanted nothing else than to play your game and achieve the ultimate rank? I just feel if you implement a 1-50 system in Halo 5 now, or Halo 6, it could revive the matchmaking population and change the way the game is viewed. And you can't say that you can't switch up a ranking system this far when a game has been out, Halo 3 added in its specific playlist experience generation well into the games life. Just my couple thoughts, let me know what you think!
I disagree. I have also enjoyed Halo since CE, and i think this rank system is the best yet. Firstly it never stops on "max lvl" like H3. With this system you can always go higher. With H3's system everyone knew that there could be hugh difference between 50's. That system was also so broken et the end with second accounters that it was difficult to play fair maches.

In H2 and H3 you would grind your highest skill playlist very rarely. Often you would get your highest skill, and leave that playlist alone, so you wouldt ruin it. Now you have to grind it all the time, which is cool. New season new oppertunities, not new account new oppertuneties.

Is the H5 system perfect? No, but it's a hugh step in the right directon.
No ranking system is important when it prevents player from finding good connection games.
I'm from EU and many playlists for me are basically dead because my actual or past ranks in them: i try to set balanced but because my past high ranks the majority of available players are cut off and i cannot be matched with anyone gatting continuous "Unable to match" messages.

Ranking filter is the only explanation if you think that games with no skill parameter and even less population than H5 can find games in less than a minute also with a total of 30 players active in a given playlists.

H5 ranking system is good where population is bing and healty, but when population starts to seriously drop (as it happened basically everywhere but USA) ranking system loks you out from matchmaking if you are (or you have been) too good, so you are forced to switch to expanded and experience tremendous amounts of lag and latency.

Ranking system is also the main reason for the absence of selectable datacenters, which is the major shame for this game on an infrastructural perspective.
OP pretty much hit it on the head for me. The ranking is easily in the top 3 things I hate most about H5 (next to the -Yoink- BR85 and horrendous map design). The matches are grossly inconsistent, resets are a drag, the military emphasis is long gone and the drive to reach max rank in a given playlist is almost completely diminished. I know 1-50 ELO had its flaws but I'd take it over H5s in a heart beat!!!