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How important is your KD to you?

OP xDigitalxBath

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I mean, i don't care if I die. This week people have been going off about getting cheated and stealing kills and such. I'm a guy that would rather learn from the good and the bad of the game. If you die, shake it off and try again. Is it such a hard concept to accept? Or are people getting just frustrated that they cannot play the game, or better, have to relearn it ?
not important at all

its just a game
My KD does matter to me. I play to win, but in Slayer games it it how I evaluate my performance. It is not the only thing I look at, but it is a good indicator of whether you are carrying your own weight.
i care about my k/d just because im competitive like that plus i can only play on the weekends....... Gotta love the Air Force!!!!!!
W/L is what is important
k/d is how effective you are
kda is how effective you are with a team

I play a lot of Warzone solo. Originally I thought it was important to steal bases from the enemy team. Stealing bases Alone, my k/d is/was 2.35. This is me playing Recklessly, full force Charging your base ALONE. Im good at stealing your base. And I will often kill 2-5 players doing so. Meaning, Im a strong player, both playing the objective and killing.

But I was losing because Warzone has the problem of stupid players and Extremely High Value AI enemies which invalidate all my efforts, getting 30-40 kills a game with the most base captures. So i changed up my strategy to Stealing Enemy Kills on Bosses. Either getting their before them, or stealing all their efforts at the last minute, because Warzone is Screwed up and need massive attention. I now end games with less than 10 kills, at the top of my team, with 5+ Boss Kills. My K/D will go down, But im winning more often.

In Previous Halo games I only played Objective game modes. My K/d was 1.5, but thats because I was the only person willing to arm the bombs and capture the flag. I could wipe out their team while stealing the flag, but die many more times getting there. But we would win, because a few players were willing to die to get the task done.

However, the importance of Objective Players, throwing away their k/d, shouldnt Minimize the importance of Slayers in Objective game modes. Their K/D Matter. They make my job much easier by clearing the path. Without them id have to kill my way in and kill my way out.

In Slayer games, your K/D and KDA matter. Your ability to kill while not dying and assisting your team in weakening and finishing kills is Important. If your K/D is low your shot might be bad, your positioning on the map might be bad, your combat awareness might be bad, your ability to put yourself in a favorable position to avoid death might be bad.... in all of these cases you likely arent in the right place or capable of assisting your teammates since you are to busy dying fighting single targets.... Id suggest finding a sensitivity that works, finding areas on the map you feel strong in, areas which grant you the ability to run away, assist teammates, and hopefully the ability to control how many enemies you fight at one time. Give yourself as much of an advantage as possible. And moving, move with teammates. People with good k/ds do this naturally. People with low k/ds do not and thats kinda what it Can matter. which is why k/d can be an important stat, since it generalizes your effectiveness.

An Objective player with a 1k/d and up can be valuable.
A Slayer with a 1.8+ in Objective game modes is dangerous.

...kinda reminds me of a friend that only plays with my team in blops2. he has a 1.5 k/d but a 16 w/l in Search and Destroy. because even tho he cant Ace a team, he works well with teams, arming bombs and covering our backs, increasing our chances of victory.
K/D is very important if you play a lot of slayer and breakout.
K/D is not as important if you play objective types.

So it's really dependent on what game type you like.
For every game there is a learning curve when it comes to competitive play, Halo 5's is just aimed at a more competitive community, so it takes a while to adjust.
I dont really care about K/D, as long as i think I had good fun playing the game and creating some satisfying kills thats all tbh.
Same here, well it does show how you do well. but other than that. no
it does show how you do well. but other than that. no, i dont care for K/D's. might as well take it out.
K/D ratio is for children to care about...and my friend Nick.
I've always said, K/D doesn't mean nothing if you are helping your team win, and making big team plays. And sometimes to make a good play you have to sacrifice a pawn, which could include sacrificing yourself for a bigger play. Be smart about it though, don't be just canon fodder, make sure that it is worth it for your team in the long run.
Also KDA is amazing, If I knew a guy who had a K/D of 0.5, but a KDA of 3.0 I know he is helping his team a lot.
Runic wrote:
I really don't care about K/D, I just want to have fun playing the game.
same here
For me is all, it talks about your skills!!
For me, it's not relevant at all because you can be a good player, kill a lot of enemies but if they are good too it is obvious that your death stats will increase, so it's not relevant to use this stats to see if the player is good or bad.
Plus, the betrayals also count as a death (I think) so this measure is not completely true.
I don't directly care about my K/D versus my contribution to the team. However, more often than not the two are slightly correlated. KDA is a much better indicator of performance on Halo and I wish that was a stat that was more predominantly tracked.
when It comes to the way they have made halo multiplayer now, I think it is important because that's what competitive multiplayer is about plus the your win loss ratio. Although you don't have to be like that, most people just play for fun no matter how many times they die.
it don't
I dont really mind about my KD even tho its a positive one,i guess it depends on what type of player you are and what game modes you play
I just like shooting people with the DMR :)
I care more about mine than I'd like (funny because I'm not that good). It doesn't keep me from being a team player or taking a risk on an objective push, but it's always in the back of my mind and adds a little more stress to the game than I'd like. First I'll learn this wonky aiming, then I'll learn to ease up and relax.
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