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[Locked] I have a 22% win percentage

OP wadehamilton

Before you say "noob" - "get gud" - I will just say I am ranked as a champion in slayer and diamond 5 in team arena.

In team arena I've played over 50 games in the new season and I have a 22% win percentage AND I'm ranked at diamond 5. This game is so utterly broken for solo queuing I don't even know what to say. It seems every single game is 4 random diamonds vs. a team of onyx's/champs with mics.

How on earth can anyone say this game is balanced when you could be a decent player and only win 1/5 games. God I love H5 but it literally has the worst skill based matchmaking of any game I've ever played in my life. I've played other games with low populations and nothing has ever been this bad and I'm tired of people defending that Menke guy for "low populations." Let's hope 343 can make improvements in infinite.
That’s pretty is sometimes frustrating when solo queuing especially when you’re on the upper end of the skill spectrum. What GT are you playing on? The one you posted on has no history.
Feel free to post any questions for Josh, including specific matches, in the Matchmaking Feedback thread using your actual account. :)