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I really like playing on Vortex in BTB but all I ever get to play on is Ragnarok or Exile. I don't understand why Vortex doesn't get voted for more. Does anyone else like playing on this map?
Yea, I feel like people get Put off of the maps because of their dark and gloomy map picture lol. Seriously though the only maps that get picked on BTB are the bright ones but personally I prefer vortex over exile most of the time (apart from in Dominion). I wish that the map rotation would block repeated maps (like in COD).
Im SR47 and I have never played on it. Just shows how awful the map voting system/ the people voting on the maps are.
I like vortex the best of all the big maps. Its even, you can get up some good speed in the hogs, nice terrain, yeah good all round fun.
jeez, i haven't played on vortex for a long time. finally got a game on meltdown though. honestly i wish they would ditch the vote and use traditional map rotation just for variety's sake.
It's the vote system, complete trash. I like all the maps but I'm sick of ragnarok, and being red on exile is a terrible experience.
On the occasion i do play BTB, my favourite maps are either Longbow or Exile. More often than not however i end up on Ragnorok. Due to the weapon imbalances in the game and the typical strategy opted for use by the enemy team, i have 1 preset loadout and tactic for playing on Ragnorok. The loadout i use i have titled "DMR Noob". The loadout consists of DMR, Magnum, Frags, Active Camo, Armour efficiency, and Ammo.

The tactic i use. just camp at spawn with camo with either the DMR or Sniper which also spawns at your spawn anyway.

I prefer longbow due to it have few OP vehicles and weapons spawning.

I've played Vortex once and i must say i do quite like the map. Not a big fan of Meltdown though. If they changed it so it was like a Map Sized Dominoes Pizza then that would be awesome.