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Is blocking regional servers allowed

OP DruunkenSensei

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ZaedynFel wrote:
This is all accounting for the recent update right?
What recent update? This info is H5 only.
In my Region Italy i don’t have any problem to find Eu servere and USA player
ZaedynFel wrote:
Tetrafy wrote:
ZaedynFel wrote:
ZaedynFel wrote:
I'm not sure about whether it's allowed or not, but it will result in worse games for you.

And if US East players started doing that, then you'd end up on US servers more often than you do now.
Can you elaborate on what you mean by worse games for me? If the only servers I want I can connect to then wouldn't that be a more positive experience? I understand doing this would result in longer queue times but I'd rather wait longer for a match with adequate connection than get quick matches with high latency and players telelporting everywhere. Do you think you could find out if this is allowed, or at least not against the rules? Thank you.
The way the system currently works is it looks ahead to see if it can find you a match on closer servers to you. If it can, it will automatically make you wait longer in order to match on a closer server. But if it can't, then that means it's not just waiting a little longer for a match, it's waiting hours longer, and not really worth it.

It will not solve the teleporting issue at all. Teleporting depends on how far away the other player is, not how far away you are. So even if you are on the closest server possible, they may not be, and so they will still teleport because of their own bad connections, regardless of how good yours is.

So I recommend not messing with it because it will more likely just make your experience worse.
Is there any reason why p2p seemed more consistant if you had good internet? Like even if you didn't have host? How are servers a good idea if nobody has a good time?
The average ping is very low, so 99% +/- of players are fine. Most players play on the server closest to them, which for most players is as good or if not better than a peer.

Dedicated servers buy you a ton in terms of stability, CPU, reliability, trustworthy authority, protect against untrustworthy hosts, and are great in areas where individual connections don't have much upload.
Right so if my ping was 200 to 500 because Im in Canada pre 1gb Fibe Ill actually have a bad experience vs p2p where either I pulled host or connected better vs Microsofts azure servers. So the only way to counteract it is by upgrading speed.
ZaedynFel wrote:
SHIRAN29tv wrote:
Hi everyone, I'm playing Halo 5 in Japan.
I've had more than a few successful FFA matchmaking attempts in the past few weeks.
I've been waiting for about 6 hours for a match and I can only get one match.
I have the search option set to expand.
Have you done a regional quarantine by any chance?
I'm really bored when I don't get matched, please help.
There's no regional quarantine, but it does highly value getting you on a Japanese server because your ping would be so much better.

Basically, for FFA, your ping is SO much better on the Japanese servers that it thinks it's worth waiting the 10-20 minutes it takes to get 6 players in your region.

Waiting 10 minutes means your ping would be 300ms worse if it matched you right away.
Thanks for the reply.
I tried matchmaking from 5am to 10am UTC and only got one match.
The Japanese servers have a low population and are very difficult to match.
Is it possible to have you connect me to another server as I can tolerate some delay?
I'm very sad if I can't play the game.
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