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King of the hill on halo 5?

OP Nullifier907

add king of the hill back to halo 5
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There’s the rotational social playlist called Roaming King which is just a fantastic KotH variant in my opinion. Crazy King exists within the Action Sack playlist which is also a social rotational. It also includes two additionally good KotH variants called Diminishing King & Pig of the Hill; plus, a few other modes which I suppose could be contrived as a type of blended KotH & Infection wacky survival variant. Those being: Mongoose Sumo, Wizard Duel, Stay Off My Lawn, Ground Smashers, & Cannonball Evasion. I’m pretty sure that the rotational Mythic Arena playlist includes a fairly standard KotH mode on several of the included maps even though I’ve never played it. There might be a KotH variant within the social Holiday Fiesta playlist, which only seems to become available leading up to and during the Xmas break, but I've never played it enough to stumble upon a KotH mode if it does exist in it. I think that’s about it unless there’s a KotH mode within the rotational H3 Classic Throwback playlist, but I really don’t think there is because I don't recall reading about any KotH modes within the developer article that detailed the makeup of that playlist. I’ve only played a couple matches within that playlist so I’m not well informed on all the potential modes within it despite loving those community created remake maps.