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Literally Cannot Play ANY Playlist Anymore


This game is either dead or the recent matchmaking parameters has affected this game so badly that you cannot find matches. This only seems to really affect people with higher MMRs as the system tries to create matches for you based on this. Because of this, we cant play Ranked playlists now in groups of 4. It times out that there's not enough people to match us, and even with 4 of us in BTB, it still takes forever to get matches. Even then, it'll fill every slot but 1, and never fill it, forcing us to sit for 5 minutes for a timeout just to do it again.

This is super frustrating. We are only able to average maybe 2-3 games in an hour. Huge waste of time when matches used to only take a couple minutes tops. I wanna play the game, not play freaking Lobby Warriors. Fix your -Yoink-, 343. Change your parameters back. This isn't fun anymore.

Disgruntled life-time long Halo fan.
The population is probably low, but I still find a game in team arena/slayer and super Fiesta. In Australia.
It's because of the MMR it's nearly impossible to find a game with a higer skill set and when I do it's just a sweat fest, I don't have fun sweating in -Yoinking!- super fiesta
This issue is only in high level players (onyx, champ and maybe diamond), I as an onyx player, can't find a game either but my brother (platinum and gold player) does find a game with 2 seconds of having started the matchmaking.
Yeah it's frustrating. I have to pretty much give up on playing altogether now. Even searching solo BTB breaks and never fills in the last slot half the time. I just cant believe how bad the matchmaking system has become now. I'd rather have unbalanced matches with my high MMR than to never get to play the game. =/
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Heaviies wrote:
Or just do customs again like last night Lol. ;)
But in all seriousness, you shouldn't be forced to do this just to play a game. No matter how good I was at previous Halo games we ALWAYS got a match with hardly any issues. This game is by far the worst with matchmaking in it's current state.
The population is probably low
Searching 3's in BTB and we're on 15 minutes without a match
I can only find games in Firefight. :(
We just literally spent 45 minutes worth of searching earlier for 1 match. This is seriously ridiculous. How can anyone even enjoy the game anymore when the core top 10% players swill-wise cant ever play in matches consistently?