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[Locked] Matchmaking Bans Are Bugged

OP ClarkusMaximus2

So for quite a few months my friends and I keep experiencing issues with Halo shutting of our game, kickinf us out, and turning our xbox’s off. This is the only game I have these types of issues with. Now, whenever this occurs, our party members get banned for sometimes up to 15 minutes per occurrence! This is outright ridiculous, and this is the ONLY MULTIPLAYER GAME that still uses this archaic system for punishing loyal players! Its not even a matter of backing out of a terrible game (topic for another time) but simply system issues that halo has yet to address. I’m not sure what to do, though MCC has made a comeback, it still causes issues with the banning of playing games. I can’t believe 343 hasn’t moved on from this yet. If they expect to compete with the big dogs of gaming this is certainly a thorn in their side that makes me want to play other games that do not induce such penalties for things out of the control of the players. Please fix this!
Please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the relevant game forum for any queries on matchmaking bans