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The upgrade will make it look new ranking but only waypoint or going out as in Halo 2 was best, according to the ability of each player as was hardcore, rumble pit, team snipers, and if you start from 0 or will continue in 130 accounts
you will have a different rank for each playlist.
its per playlist so as of Monday their will be 16 playlists so 16 areas to rank up in.
so it like halo 3?????
sort of. it will be an offline experience that you will have to come to Waypoint to see. You will start out on monday with a level 0 in each playlist. and you can work your way to the top of your abilities (max level in each playlist is 50). You can read more about it here:

they are splitting it into two catogories: personal scoring and team wins vs losses

the playlists for personal score are:

Infinity Slayer
Big Team Infinity Slayer
Rumble Pit
Team Action Sack
Team Snipers

the playlists focused on team victories are:

Castle Team DLC
Team Objective
Capture the Flag
Team Throwdown
Team Doubles
but I mean if you are going to get the accounts to 0 or continue with 130 and will also have the competitive range and you can see in every game and that will not only make waypoint
the CSR system is unrelated to your SR level. The SR level cap is 130, once you've hit that you've finished the progression system. But the CSR is a competitive skill ranking system that you will have to earn the ranks just like in Halo 2 or Halo 3. You will not be guaranteed to make it the the level cap of 50.

everyone will start out as a 0 in each individual playlist. and you will work each playlist to a potential level 50. example: If you play mostly infinity slayer lets say you make it to level 30, lets also say you play a lot of big team slayer, we will say youre a 20. but if you don't play swat. youre ranking will stay a 0 in swat.

The playlists are all unrelated in terms of ranking up. you don't have to play every playlist. just the ones you want to work on.
hmm thanks shame that happen to be reviewing waypoint to see the ranking and can not be seen in the Cosola each game is played.
  but if you do say, level 20 vs 20 that I choose the game or will keep going as far level 130 vs level 40