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Does anybody know exactly how qualifying in arena works? I played my 10 games of team arena with a full team of friends today. They all had played one game before me but only one. I qualified at Diamond 3 and they were all Gold. I don't know what our wins and losses were but I was lead to believe that wins are the only factors in the ranking system. Obviously that is not the case. I was top of the scoreboard in most games. High K/D ratio and I feel I played the objective pretty well. Are these all factors when qualifying?
I had a very similar experience with it. My buddy and I played all of our 10 together. Had pretty even matches . He had a couple he was the top and I miss had a couple I was. I did have one poor match where I went negative 9 but other than that we were very similar in stats. He placed onyx as I placed a gold 6. I would like a clarification of what the system is actually grading you on. Any input would be nice thanks guys!