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I know there is another thread but hope fully they will see these, please bring it back. You premeiered this game type on Beta as a ranked playlist and now you decide to take it back. to be honest that's the reason why my friend bought an xbone once I showedd him breakout he wanted to play halo 5. It really is your most competitive game type, yet you guys glorify team arena. I feel like Breakout is the perfect game type, and you are bringing back action sack, so i hope you put it with that or arena, or something, because it was good run. Me and my buddies would stay up all night playinh Breakout and climbing, and it felt great, now we have to try and play dubs, but we havent even placed because of the power weapon hogging. we are at 9, anyways, I just want you guys to bring it back please it was really fun while it lasted and I feel like you take small part of the community away that played breakout, and only breakout,