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[Locked] Report a Matchmaking Bug

OP MM Systems Team

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Playlist: Any where H2A or H4 maps can be accessed

Map Name: All H2A and H4 maps

Mode: All

Is this an exploit or broken feature? Broken

Describe the bug: As evidenced Here-

and here -

This is more than just a one off, ALL BT (a uk ISP) infinity customers are getting kicked almost straight away from H2A and H4 matches, the screen blacks out and returns us to post game carnage report

How many times has this happened? Did this happen once or multiple times? Almost always, around 95% of the time
After the last patch, stays on players found before there was only in looking for players, but now players, but never joins the session, I'm from Argentina, I have no problems with any game, just with this, it is impossible a game to play is armed. There is something you can do, please more than 3 months I'm so ago.
The match making is still down and not just a little bit every playlist I go to is searching come on 343! We need a free firefight mode and halo reach for these problems that continue to plague the MCC!
I have had nothing but problems since i brought the new xbox one, I am lucky if i can get a match a week with halo anniversary match making is a joke searches for hours then i give up no ranking either waste of money atm. This never happened with Bungie the game has been out since nov last year and it still has all these problems even with the patch work a complete joke what am I paying for tbh the only thing xbxo had was halo and now that's going down the pan fix it soon or i will be going to play station.
I found one game all weekend been like this since i got the new xbox one with the game think ive played 10 games in 8 weeks not good art all only happens with halo so the patches aren't working needs to be sorted or im taking it back to the shop as asking for my live money back as they aren't living up to their contract to offer live services rnd off yr choice 343
This game multoplayer is still broken even with the last Patch 343 thanks for nothing you cant even patch you way out of this 1 I have not been able to play MCC for over a week now!
I am a huge Halo fan and Have been playing since Halo Combat Evolved. Is the Master Chief Collection fixed because I can't get into any games on Halo. I used to but nothing works. I have an open NAT and can play any other game online and use all my apps without any problem. Please Help!?
Hey, I'm playing from Adelaide, Australia and since the update I can find games in every playlist except for Halo 2 Championship, Halo 2 classic and Team Hardcore.
Got the updateStill searching for players, nat type is open, uni/reinstalled the game, disabled firewall, only thing changed was the background. My last matchmaking game was feb 7th. WTY 343 i contacted xbox support as well frustrated as heck...
We need some solution, this works only for the united states in Argentina me hes unplayable, just HALO happens with all other games MCC walk, then the patch, says players found but never joined in the session. Help users
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I am not able to play matchmaking online? Account is valid.
There is no error
just a never ending search for players!

Lots of improvements games are consistent.
I can't load bloodline. Anyone else have this problem. I've yet to see or play on this map.
Stays on players found after last update. Was working fine up until today. Happens to every playlist too. Live in the US hope you guys can fix this right away.
I am not able to play matchmaking online? Account is valid.
There is no error
just a never ending search for players!
I'm having the same exact issue, I'm also from the US
As other have noted above, some people are still having an issue connecting matchmaking. I am one of them.

I am running the latest Halo:MCC update on two Xboxen. When connecting to Halo: MCC multiplayer matches, I usually cannot connect. Occasionally I luck out, but generally the status just displays (in order):

Searching for Players…
Players Found…
Connecting to Session…
Failed to Connect
Connection to Session…

It then repeats – Usually starts back on “Searching for Players…” but sometimes “Searching for More Players.” This repeats over and over. I’ve literally had this screen up for hours with no successful connections.


Internet connection: AT&T U-verse (dual-line multiplexed DSL), super stable, 45 Mbps down/6 Mbps up. Usually less than 50ms ping.

Router: Netgear R7000 Nighthawk. Configured to receive a public IP via IP Passthrough from the AT&T gateway device, which has its own router.

Internal network topology: 802.11ac 5 Ghz, 802.11n 2.4 Ghz, both supplied from Netgear router. However, I only use wireless for tablets, typically, as I have cat6 directly to every room, connected to a TP-Link TL-SG1016 1 Gbps switch, which is uplinked to the router.


I have five 360s attached via wired network on the current production build.

I have TWO Xbox Ones. Both are on different pre-release builds. They are:

6.2.12521.0 (xb_rel_1503.150305-1449) fre
6.2.12692.0 (xb_rel_1504.150311-2200) fre

I see the same behavior on both Xboxen.

Both are usually connected via wired connection.

When connected to my Netgear router, I have Open NAT, but when connected directly to the AT&T gateway’s built-in router, I’m Strict NAT (more on that in Troubleshooting Steps).

All other multiplayer games are 100% successful. Examples of games I’ve played extensively are:

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Battlefield 4
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

Troubleshooting Steps I’ve Taken:


  1. Disconnecting one of the Xbox Ones from the network altogether
  2. Rebooting/factory resetting AT&T gateway, Netgear router, and the TP-Link switch
  3. Hard-rebooting the Xbox
  4. Connecting via wireless instead of wired
  5. Changing the MAC address of the Xbox to pull a different IP address from the router’s DHCP
  6. Disabling all the anti-DDoS and anti-port scanning settings on the gateway
  7. Resetting all the UPnP port forwarding settings on the router
  8. Bypassing the TP-Link switch and connecting directly to the Netgear router
  9. Bypassing the entire internal network and connecting directly to the AT&T gateway’s router.
  10. Bypassing my ISP and connecting to my Verizon MiFi.
  11. Resetting the Xbox’s local storage.
The ONLY thing that has consistently worked is going to my MiFi (although that’s obviously not a solution). All the other troubleshooting steps seem to have no effect. Occasionally, after messing with things long enough, it’ll start working for a few sessions, but I’ve never been able to successfully repro whatever steps made it work. So I’m kind of thinking it has to be an ISP issue of some kind, maybe? It doesn’t make sense, though, why every other game works fine. Or why it’s apparently somewhat intermittent. I do know, however, that I’m not the only person who has experienced something like this, as seen here.

I’m willing to take beta bits or whatever to help troubleshoot this.
Just played a match on the halo 2 anniversary game type, after not being on halo for a long period of time. I get on and play one match and no one can't load in and play (I get kicked from the game) I play a 2nd match and that match would not let anyone spawn and then I spawned 48 seconds in and sit there till about the end of the match then everyone spawns in last minute. What's is going on with multiplayer on this game?
Halo 4
Playlist : SWAT
Maps : Adrift
Mode : SWAT
Is is an exploit or broken feature ?: Broken Feature
Describe : When your playing SWAT then end up spawning in a different locations where your team is on the other side of the map. The spawners in SWAT are messed up and you end up behind the enemy(which is an advantage to what I think) But it is annoying when your team is on a different part of the map when you respawn! It has happen a few times now and also in some other maps.
Game chat doesn't work in any way shape or form.
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