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[Locked] Report a Matchmaking Bug

OP MM Systems Team

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Halo MCC: I have had few problems in the past month for matchmaking, but all of sudden in the past week I can not join any games even though it says players found. After forty minutes, it kicks me out of the lobby and says I was disconnected from xbox live even though I am still online. I know it is not my Internet connection.What the heck is going on?
Are the servers down? I've been sitting in matchmaking for 15 minutes and have yet to be put in a game. My internet is working fine or else I wouldn't be posting this. Please help.
Not sure if this has been reported, but the post game carnage report in at least 50% of multiplayer games is highly inaccurate. For example, every other game reports myself or a team mate having killed a fellow team member just as much as the opposing players. Or having killed more players (friend or enemy) than their total number of kills for the game. I am presuming quite a few players enjoy looking at the end game reports (or else they wouldn't exist) either for bragging rights or to see how their skill measured up personally or to the other players.
reach servers are currently down, ETA for when they may be back?
To anybody have problems with getting disconnected when join a game about 10-20 seconds in! It has been fixed now within the update that has been released!👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Playlist: Team Slayer and Big Team Battle
Map Name: N/A
Mode: N/A
Is this an exploit or broken feature? Broken Feature

Describe the bug:
If you sign two accounts in on the same Xbox to play split screen online; you cant find any players.

How many times has this happened? Twice.
I don't even know where to start.

Just add these other ranks and don't ever create another video game. Thanks.
Ok it was 2:00 pm thought I'd play a game or two of halo master chief collection/swat. It is now almost 2:30 I don't have a match yet. Now it's time to pick up my kids from school. I'm sorry but when did this come out? I pre ordered this crap to play it once or twice a month just to be disappointed? How do I return this digital copy cause I'm done hoping I'll get on here and everything will be fixed.
love jesus
Playlist: All
Map Name: All
Mode: All
Is this an exploit or broken feature? Broken feature
Describe the bug: Matchmaking searching is taking forever before I end up quitting all together.
How many times has this happened? Everytime I try to play multiplayer, so around 50 times.
Do you have a relevant film in your File Share? No
Matchmaking is not working.Are the servers down?

This post has been hidden.

I keep on getting this and there is no way that this is going to be fixed unless 343 industries wants to keep on losing their Halo Fans. Evertime I get a match, Im always on the opposite where I get lvl 1 and 2 where the other team is full of high ranks. They need to fix that stupid nonsense cuse that is going to piss of a lot of gamers, especially Halo Fans
Probably not a bug but there's no file share
Any and all game types do not work. Says searching for players for as long as a few hours
Things I'd like to see that weren't mentioned in the community update:
1. Stop splitting parties of 2/3 in ranked matchmaking (or any for that matter). Pretty simple logic: if two teams of 3 match don't add a party of 2 to fill the game.
2. Ranks in more playlists - specifically FFA and Doubles if it were to come back. Hardcore should always be ranked too.
3. Playlist specific updates:
- Update to the current gametypes and maps in the HCS playlist.
- Change Halo 3 map variants to the most recent versions that were in the 360 version of the game.
- Increased weighting of BR starts across all playlists. SMG start is miserable for everyone.
- Add a Halo 3 MLG playlist to go alongside the H2 Team Hardcore playlist.
343 you need to play witness to this video:

For months a crucial part of this game has been neglected, killing our gameplay experience and decreasing our faith in your company. Fix it, and give us the game we PAID you for. Watch the video now, as Matchmaking is not the only mess you need to be attending to. At the very least ACKNOWLEDGE the issues we've so clearly outline for you in the video posted above.
Rumble pit needs to be ranked and max six players. That is the way it was and always should be. This max ten players just doesn't work. It is to frantic and luck of the spawn and grenade fest that is no fun at all. So please bring back that good competitive ranked rumble pit that we had in Halo 2 and 3. The rumble pit maps were designed for only six players not ten.

I love halo, but to keep it short and specific I have a few problems with the playlists.

Team Slayer- BR starts really should be mandatory on Halo 2, and H2A maps. It puts bad players at a huge disadvantage with map control easily going to who gets BR control right away. The smg is simply too weak in this game, and honestly in halo 3 BR starts should be seen more frequently as well. It's a utility weapon that puts every player on a level playing field. Bungie learned from their mistakes, and made the necessary changes to this in halo 2, why isn't this fixed in 2015?

Team Doubles- Should be a standard play-list, ranked, and non-rotational. Simply makes no sense that a playlist requiring the least amount of players (other than rumble pit) to be rotational as it allows matches to be found quickly and offers some of the best game-play in terms of team-work related combat. Just the reliance of 1 teammate makes team doubles stand out as one of the most intense playlists to play. Replay-ability factor is a huge reason why I come back to halo, and this is one of the most fun playlists in the series (personally).

Team Snipers- I really think it's a staple. The fact that the series has so many large maps that could be used to the devs advantage, makes this a no-brainer, and again, shouldn't be rotational. Make it ranked, and keep it in the game. Popularity of this should be reason enough to show that it should be here to stay. There's just so many options in terms of long-range maps for every game. There's a defining experience that each halo game has to offer with each sniper being radically different from the next game in the series. Makes replayability strong imo.

Rumble Pit- Simply said, should be ranked and 6-8 players max. 10 makes certain maps a cluster fk, and halo was never really designed around the 10 player experience anyway. Map scale should be apparent on most of the selections for rumble pit. cmon already with this. Warlord, warlock, and wizard with 10 players makes me want to kill myself irl, every time I see them being voted on (not kidding).

Now onto rotational. All non-ranked. Action-sack, infection, swat, etc. Grifball should be a staple in its own way, but if rotational is the decision you guys make, that's completely fine.

Team Objective- Now, I know one of the next updates will be including this, and I understand the popularity of it not being too high in general, but there is a sub-set of players who strictly want a competitive, ranked, objective mode like CTF, Assault, Oddball, etc. It has to be ranked to give players a reason to fight for a win, and to balance out teams. At a certain level players will want to communicate heavily in-game or party up, so the experience may not be the best early on for struggling players searching alone, but will fill a void MCC has been missing for a while now. Again, a staple, but if the numbers truly aren't there after a month, then I understand if you scrap it.

As far as Halo 1-4 play-lists go, they should be ranked so players are matched on even skill anyway. I think newer players to the series are more frustrated going 1-21 than getting a quick game in all honesty. I'd hate to get a game against level 50's as a 1, and get stomped repeatedly because matchmaking doesn't filter player skill fairly. Just not fun. Only place where ranks don't apply are ACTION SACK, INFECTION, SWAT and GRIFBALL (well maybe not grifball as there are some amazingly skilled players out there).
Other than that,

In all honesty, you could probably just remove the HCS play-list and Team hardcore. They serve basically the same purpose of other core play-lists or possible additions, and only dilute the population. (REASONING BELOW)

For 1. HCS should just be combined with H2A (the competitive players will be playing ranked regardless, so H2A should be the default place to play with BR starts and a mix of objective/slayer).

2. Team hardcore is a great playlist, but you'd be better off with just combining it into team slayer with BR starts and importing halo 3 forge maps into the play-list.

3. It allows you to make room for the above mentioned play-lists, while still fulfilling all the needs of the community. I like competitive H2A, but do we really need two play-lists for it? Team objective would then see larger numbers as people will get an all of the above experience through it on every halo to date.

343, and whoever is in-charge of playlists please make these very simple, yet vital changes or additions to the game soon. Each change/play-list that I requested fulfill a niche in matchmaking for everyone. I understand that the collection is tough to manage because of the population size, but truth be told, these additions keep me coming back, and removing them just sucks for anyone that has enjoyed them for the short while they were added.

Anyway, hope this gets seen by someone on the dev team. Haven't played this game in a few days with the issues of ranks and lack of team doubles, snipers or variety in ranked play-lists.

Thanks for reading,
I think Halo 3 needs to be looked at again. The registration in Halo 3 and the spawns in Halo 3 are just horrible! Like today for example, I was playing Capture The Flag on Rats Nest and I'm walking with 3 other teammates, and 2 enemies spawn right in front of my eyes, and then another one spawning like 10 feet behind me! Stuff like that happens all the time for me... No bueno! When playing SWAT in Halo 3, the registration is just absolute crap! I consider myself pretty decent in SWAT but not Halo 3... I Shoot a guy with the BR 3 round bursts in the face and somehow doesn't die and gets me like its nothing. Highly frustrating at times...

But yeah, desperately fix spawns and shot registration, then Halo 3 would be fun to play. :D
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