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[Locked] Report a Matchmaking Bug

OP MM Systems Team

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Hiya All,

Its such a shame it has got to this point, but Im afraid there is no longer any point in myself, or perhaps as I suspect, any other Onyx level UK player who does not rely on searching with US Fireteam Members from playing Halo 5 Arena anymore.

As Im sure you are all aware at this point as there hves been multiple threads on the issue since the January Update where 343 stated very clearly they have forced the matchmaking algorithm to more striictly favour REGIONAL selection, high level Onyx UK players in Arena have found it impossible to find games.

This issue hasnt as far as Im aware even been addressed by 343 despite numerous complaints and accounts of it on the Forums not by myself, but by others from the UK also and today, they RESET our Ranks in Arena for the March Season.So now, I am currently sitting in the Matchmaking process and have been for an Hour and 45 MINUTES without finding any games at all whilst COMPLETELY UNRANKED. I have not even been able to find a SINGLE placement game while searching because of the REGIONAL locks 343 forced on us without giving us the choice to Opt In to that form of matchmaking if we preferred.

Now given that the sole purpose of Arena offering a Ranking System to all versus Social and Warzone, and I and many other UK based players will now come to see, has been taken from us because of the Regional Lock, there literally is absolutely no reason at all to play Arena and therefore, Halo 5 Guardians at all. Warzone and Social will only get you so far, until the challenge of Arena becomes the next challenge and that is something I am now physically unable to partake in because of Rules Enforced on us in Matchmaking.I cannot believe it has come to this.

I waited so long for Guardians and for 3 Straight months I played it probably 5 times as often as I did Halo 4 because it really was just that good. The Matchmaking was always quick and always had excellent connections because of Microsofts Azure servers providing consistently stable connections and then they changed it, without ever even explaining as to why and for whom it would benefit I might add.Its been a pleasure while it lasted, but I can no longer play Halo 5 and what hurts more is this is being taken from me rather than me choosing to opt out.

Why we cant all be pooled back into the same Matchmaking system that existed prior to the January update with the OPTION to search Regionally if you would prefer, I dont know. But hey, I guess 343 must know what they are doing right? By isolating entirely a part of their player base.

''Unable to Match - There may not be enough players to support a game in this playlist - Please try a different playlist'' A message I have seen a total of 22 Times this evening.
And this was in FREE FOR ALL. So the REGION LOCK stopped me from finding 5 OTHER PLAYERS, 22 Times? Of course. Thank you 343. Thank you Bravo.

I've got a bug where for some reason none of my ranks in arena are showing, my csr rank is set to 1 and it was like 40 I think. I'm not getting any daily req packs and after every match it just says "retrieving data" until it gets to a point where it says it can't retreive it at all. Oh and I can't look at my stats on halo waypoint either
Well well well. Where to begin 343... I pre ordered this game for 100 dollars and some odd cents and it was not money well spent. There have been so many problems with this game for me and has been intensely frustrating. I'm a huge fan and i'm sad that this is such an amazing game and i can't even experience the way it's supposed to be played. Now, i will start the list of problems that i am experiencing currently, today, 3/3/16.

1. My reqs never load. I start the game up knowing i have 5000 req points from playing and you tell me i have 0. I have tons of boosts for arena and warzone, you tell me i have 0. I go to open up a pack from leveling up or buy a silver pack and you tell me reqs loading, which keeps me at that screen for an infinite amount of time.

2. I search a game of warzone, i get into the game, i get level 3 reqs. I die, go to select a battle rifle, but WAIT i cant click Y to open my reqs because it just says loading. I can't select any weapons during warzone throughout the entirety of the match.

3. 90% of the games i play, and this is really not an exaggeration, i can't retrieve data once the match is over. I quit my build and restart the game to see if it will fix it but it never does. I'm just stuck not receiving anything for the games i play until the game decides an hour later that i can receive my rewards. Which only lasts maybe 2 games.

4. I magically am able to get to the screen where i can buy a pack. I click to spend my req points on it and it starts to open it, but then wait guess what, it keeps me at the screen of the pack loading up and freezes there. I have to quit my build and try again.

5. I am getting randomly dropped from almost every game i play and am getting banned for it. For what? My internet doesn't cut out, it just drops me out and tells me i'm banned. For no reason.

There's probably more things i can't think of right now. I'm just frustrated i've spent a lot of money on a game that i can't even get the most out of. And i feel like 343 doesn't even recognize these problems. I love halo but this is ridiculous. Thank you for reading and i hope someone magically see's this and can help address my problems. And I would also like to know if anyone else has these problems.
  • Playlist: Warzone
  • Map Name: Escape from A.R.C , March on Stormbreak (so far have not attempted on other maps)
  • Mode: Warzone
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature? Broken feature
  • Describe the bug: When I (player from the Netherlands) and friends from the UK, or other European countries, party up with our American friends we cannot access the REQs menu. During the entirety of gameplay we are met with "retrieving data". By contrast our American friends, or American on the other team are allowed to access their REQs, leaving us Europeans playing the game with Assault Rifles and Pistols, or having to scavenge weapons from around the battlefield.
  • How many times has this happened? For me this happened several times on Tuesday. I have not partnered with American players since and have had no problems. Friends on the other hand have partied up with American friends, and were met with the same problem, while the American party membershad no issues.
All Maps Game has crashed twice randomly when Ive thrusted while in a base.. kinda crap when you just spawned in a power weapon and your using a boost ;/
I can't rank at all. None of my placement matches are counting. Gamertag is dankgravy trick
Sorry guys, I have a big problem.. I can't find players in grifball.. My rank in February is diamond 2, but now in March is the first match.. Why I can't play? Pls grifball is my favourite playlist :/ thanks and sorry for my bad English
  • Playlist: Warzone
  • Map Name: All three available maps
  • Mode: Warzone Assault
  • This is an EXPLOIT
  • Describe the bug: On any given Warzone Assault map, a member of the defending team will typically spawn the Scout Warthog. In doing so, this person will drive to the top of the Second Base, and position the Warthog in a way that will allow the Spartan to safely sit inside of the wall upon ejecting from the vehicle. This allows the Spartan to contest the objective and ultimately prevent the Attacking Team from capturing the base.
  • How many times has this happened? This happens every other game or so.
  • Do you have a relevant film in your File Share? If so, please include your Gamertag. I do not have the film in my File Share, however I have uploaded a brief clip of the exploit, which can be viewed by using the link below or by searching
  • Map Name:
    March on Stormbreak
  • Mode:
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature?
  • Describe the bug:
    I escaped enemy fire flying Banshee into the blue base. Got an idea of surprising the enemy by coming out of those holes you're dropped in from the pelican in the start of the map. Turns out it was somewhat prevented but managed to squeeze my Banshee through. Soon noticed I couldn't decent in to the ground, and the banshee was pretty beat up so I jumped off it - Only to drop on an invisible ceiling I could sort of iceskate on and shoot people from. I got there totally by accident, would want to see it being patched before it is further exploited. Killzones above bases could do, or between the base and the map above the base.
  • How many times has this happened? Just once. I believe it can be done anytime one wants to, though.
  • Do you have a relevant film in your File Share? If so, please include your Gamertag
    I have a clip, but took it down from the file share so people would not report me for an accidental exploit. If needed, I can deliver clips/demonstration on the glitch.
Major bug in my game: When trying to customize my Spartan, it disappears when I pull up the customization screen.Comes back after a round of playing but then it's gone again. Kinda hard to update my Spartan armor.
Play list : All
Map Name: All
Describe the error: when I'm looking all right passes starting the dedicated server and the 4/4 l me sign that it is " impossible to try again join " I checado my connection and this well appears
How many times has this happened ? Each game
  • Playlist: Arena BTB
  • Map Name: Anitfreeze
  • Mode: Slayer
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature? Exploit
  • Describe the bug: You can get outside of the map from blue base and kill people from outside the map. You can then kill people from on top of red base and outside of where incinerartion cannon spawns
  • How many times has this happened? Its happened on several games
  • Do you have a relevant film in your File Share? i saved the clips of how the guy did it here:
  • Playlist: Any, doesnt matter.
  • Map Name: Any, doesnt matter.
  • Mode: Any, doesnt matter.
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature? broken feature
  • Describe the bug: Game crashes everytime I add friends while searching for a game.
  • How many times has this hapaapened? Everytime! Steps: 1. Start searching for a game 2.a Have non friends in ur party 2. Add 1-4 friends while searching (view their gamer card, add a friend via xbox side menu). Result: game crashes!
After every matchmaking game I am stuck in grey screen with just my halo spartan, the intermission timer at the top, and B button for back A or select. The A and B button do nothing when pressed. I am stuck here unable to back out or select anything. If I would like to choose a different matchmaking playlist, invite a friend, customize my spartan, use rec points or boosts, ect. I have to go to Xbox home and quit the entire game and restart it. After dealing with it for while I decided to reinstall halo 5 completely. I was hesitant due to the ridiculous download time. After finally taking the day to reinstall the game I still get stuck after every game. Please take the time to fix this because I played for 3 months prior with no problem.
Playlist: Custom games menu
Map name: no map; in menu
Mode: no mode; in menu
This is a broken feature.
Describe the bug: Any and all bookmarked game modes will not load in. They won't even show in the lobby start menu. All game maps work when saved but game modes have never loaded for me.
How many times has this occured: Every bookmark since fileshare was released.
Relevant film? No I have none but it can be provided if need be.

As this is a pain, I do understand more important things must be addressed. I just hope that this can be improved in the near future.
Playlist: All
Map: All
Mode: All
Is this an exploit or broken feature? Broken feature
Describe the bug: Party host gets kicked out of the match while I'm still in the match. While I'm still in the match, Party host says I'm in a lobby with him. Only way to fix said problem is booting me from the party thus kicking me out of the match.
How many times has this happened? Enough times where I got the ban hammer. *I have never quit a single match since playing Halo 5.
  • Playlist: Warzone Assault
  • Map Name: Array
  • Mode: Warzone Assault
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature? Broken feature
  • Describe the bug: After taking the spire on offense, I respawned and was put into the actual building of the Spire, where I could not escape, only run around the outside stuck in the walls. Unfortunately, since you only spawn with one nade in Warzone Assault, I couldn't even kill myself to respawn. What's worse, I had just put on an Overshield, so that was wasted, and I was running a Gambit: Assist boost, which was also obviously wasted as I spend the last 5 minutes of the match stuck in the walls.
  • How many times has this happened? Once.
Praediga (not really a good shooter player, but I love the game)
Since February I'm experiencing the "No players available" issue. Last Issue: 16 March 2016 Couldnt get any ARENA match between 08:00 and 14:00 local Timezone: CET / Germany Even in Warzone Assault I couldn't find matches. Only Warzone started the matches quite immediately.
Strange: On the same xbox and my daughters gamertag: PueppiTabbyTab, I could play one match in Arena: Community Breakout without any problems. The match itself started within a few seconds after starting the search for players. I must say that she never played before. (So, shall I assume some questions: Low Reputation problem??? Spartan ID marked as bad Player??? further Questions????) Technically I changed some details on my router as explained in xbox support. I did some port-forwarding, enabled also the Upnp feature. Xbox connection states NAT open. However the connection or ping is still high on 160ms, while the pc is under 18ms. Pls, look into it and try to take this also under consideration when solving the problems. Damn, I wanna play now ... pls ;-)
For some reason ive got the banhammer 3 times in a says for joining a multiplayer game and idling.except i never idled not even for a second WTF...IM up to 6:15 now the first was 1:06 the second was 1:07 now 6:15!!! This BULL!&@%!!!!
game: halo 5
game type: any
when i play halo 5 multiplayer some times at the end of the game i get disconnected from the server and after like 2-3 times i get banned for sometinh i dint do its unfair and this has been going on for months called xbox support alot for it and they cant help me out anymore
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