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[Locked] Report a Matchmaking Bug

OP MM Systems Team

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81 pages, oh my! Didn't go through every page so this might be a repeat.

After Skirmish at Darkstar the audio just drops completely. Have to wait until the next game starts or back out to the main menu for it to return. Doesn't happen for any other map.
Maybe something to look at here, maybe me just be sore. So this past weekend, both on darkstar, I seemingly killed warden and got the medal and point! Exciting right? Well at the game summary when looking a commendation I didn't get credit toward warden kills.
Posted a thread about this issue but nobody responded. Arena match making is unbalanced. I just played a game where there were way to high level players in the game.

Team blue:
Diamond 1
Plat 2
Plat 3
Team red:
Plat 2 X2
Plat 4 X2

Tell me how this is balanced? Ruined the game play because the onyx player was wrecking red team.
Can you take out absolute from breakout. You can clearly get above the map & everyone does it . It's annoying . It's exposed & I lose car cause blue team can only do it & they go to the very top & kill us . Tak it out
Joined in halfway through a Warzone game with Skirmish on Darkstar as the map. My Uncommon Gambit: Assist boost had been chosen. After the game had been found, My Gambit: Assist disappeared. In the end I ranked in the 50% of people to get the most assists in that game, and no XP boost. Furthermore, in some games when you start a new match, the backing audio for the introduction cinematic is inconsistent, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, the voice-over is fine, just the backing track.

Lastly, as a UI error, when you have found a game in either Arena or Warzone, your Spartan on the right side disappears completely, so you cannot change any customisable options such as your colour of your Spartan, your Helmet, Armour, Weapon Skin, (Emblems are fine).

I thank you for taking your time to read this, and I have full confidence that these improvements will be made in the future.
I just got banned for being idol
Hey is this where I ask why all the octagon maps I have dont work anymore? This happened after the last update. this affected by friends again.
So I now have a problem where I can't play at all. I can connect and everything works but it keeps telling me it can't find a server that was suitable for all mebers of your fireteam. This goes for arene as well as for warzone!
I've tried everything now. Resetted my xbox and router multiple times and I keep getting the same error!!
I also checked for ban, but my reputation is good so WTH??
Well i have a issue with forge , than in my favorite map, the respawns has bug and they just disappear , accidentally i die and save the game and i cannot respawn again.
Banned again for disconnecting from the server AFTER the game was over. This time for 2 1/2 hours. Do me a favor and go smack the fking -Yoink- out of the asswipe behind the idea of this banhammer. I paid 60 bucks of my hard earned money for this -Yoinking!- game. I'm sure I'm not the only one this happens to. Fix the -Yoink- thing before I come to 343 and smack some people with this Xbox.
I spawned where the vehicles should spawn at the Fortress base in the Warzone's March on Stormbreak map and was not able to get out except by suicide
Playlist : warzone
All maps
its quite broken
I've been getting warden kills, medal and everything, but not showing up on my commendations at end of game or anything. I KNOW ive killed about 15 and haven't got darn dang diddily for it. Like am i not going to get those now or what? Because they're not easy to get.
Has happened for past week or 2 so idk 15 to 20 times.
I will put a film in my fileshare but idk if that will help you at all. Maybe you could look at my account and see my warden kills somehow and see that they're not going to my commendations.
Enemy Team: Dia2, Dia4, Dia 6
Our Team: Plat2, Plat3, Plat4
srsly are you kidding me? how am i supposed to ever get better at this game/rank up if i get such a rediciulous enemy lineup every second game?
  • Playlist: Grifball
  • Map Name: Grifball on Bloodsport and Grifball on Grif Temple
  • Mode: Grifball
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature? This is a broken feature
  • Describe the bug: Immediately after the game ends, the connection is lost before I return to the lobby or check my stats. The game then thinks I disconnected from the game intentionally and this results and I get banned for a few minutes for disconnecting from the game. There is no problem with my internet connection, I checked. There is a bug in the software when the screen is supposed to switch from the game (after the game ends) to the screen that shows your stats and commendations after the game.
  • How many times has this happened? This happened 3 times in total this month.
  • Do you have a relevant film in your File Share? If so, please include your Gamertag. No, I have the relevant films in my history of games, but the software that records the games (what you watch in theater mode) deos not record what happens after a winner/loser is declared. The gameplay continues on after that for a few seconds (this isn't recorded by the in-game DVR), and then the game actually ends, which is when the problem occours. My Gamertag is "The CMART" If you look me up you will see that I have been banned several times for "quitting" Grifball games, even though I did not actually quit. The connection simply is lost when the game tries to switch from the gameplay to the commendations screen.
*Edit* The CMART
  • Playlist: Warzone
  • Map Name: Any map. What matters is that I have an XP or RP boost activated, I think.
  • Mode: Warzone (the regular kind)
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature? Broken feature
  • Describe the bug: Whenever I activate an XP or RP boost for a Warzone game, just before the game is about to start I get some kind of error message which I cannot read because the text is pixelated. There is the black background with a wide red line in the middle which would give one the impression that that this is some kind of connection error. After this screen vanishes you just get a black screen with a turning wheel in the lower left hand corner, and it will stay there indefinitely. This is currently happening to me and it has been going on 20 minutes now. Pressing any button is useless. The only way to get out of this is to restart the console and thus you lose the XP or RP boost you used. I have lost a lot of boosts this way!
  • How many times has this happened? At least 4 times!
  • Do you have a relevant film in your File Share? If so, please include your Gamertag. My gamertag is "The CMART" No. I do not have a film of it because the game DVR does not record what happens before a game. Please fix this and give me back my Reqs!
Hi, I played warzone and btb games today, killed both ai and spartan wraiths, but the kills didn't register with either the on screen pop up or in my commendations. Each time I was alone, got them with grenades while on top of them, must be a glitch. Thanks
when I went into halo 5 I had lost my multiplayer rank, REQ points and everything in my collection but still have all my stats. I tried restarting the game twice and still the same thing. I looked online and saw this happen to a lot of people at the start of the game so I was wondering if there was a fix for this.
Playlist: warzone
  • Map Name: skirmish at darkstar
  • Mode: warzone
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature? This is a broken feature
  • Describe the bug: I was playing the game normally and I die so then I spawned at the west armoury and it spawn me inside one of the vehicles (one of the stationary item that is part of the map) and I couldn't get out of it. In the end I left the game just sitting there and was then kicked for being in active.
  • How many times has this happened? This happened once.
  • Do you have a relevant film in your File Share? If so, please include your Gamertag. No, I took a couple of picture on my ipod.
How to use this thread
This thread is for reporting bugs that you find in Halo 4 matchmaking.

Wait, what’s a bug?
A bug is an error, flaw, mistake, or fault in Matchmaking that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways. Please do not post critiques, balance suggestions or overall game / map discussion in this thread.

If you find a bug while playing in Halo 4 Matchmaking, you should post about it here, and describe it to the best of your ability. Please post in this format:

  • Playlist: Which playlist were you playing when you encountered this bug?
  • Map Name: What map were you playing on when you encountered this bug?
  • Mode: What game mode were you playing when you encountered this bug?
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature?
  • Describe the bug: An in-depth description of the issue.
  • How many times has this happened? Did this happen once or multiple times?
  • Do you have a relevant film in your File Share? If so, please include your Gamertag.
Please post critiques, balance suggestions or overall map discussion in the individual playlist threads, which can be found in the War Games Feedback section.

Thank you for your feedback and help with matchmaking bug reporting! The Matchmaking Systems Team will be checking this thread daily and answering questions when necessary.
servers went down last night, still not back up-expect to be banned for how long? IF the server ever comes back up. not the only one with this problem-please fix it.
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