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[Locked] Report a Matchmaking Bug

OP MM Systems Team

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  • Playlist: any playlist
  • Map Name: Eden
  • Mode: variable game mode (swat, griftball, team arena)
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature? broken feature
  • Describe the bug: as soon as i finish a game, i loose connection to the game server, and then get a ban for and undetermined time.
  • How many times has this happened? 3 times in less then 8 days
  • Playlist: SWAT
  • Map Name: Fathom, The Rig, Eden
  • Mode: DMR Swat, Swat
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature? broken feature
  • Describe the bug: I believe the team balancing was very unfair, at least for three SWAT matches in a row. This has happened before, but this time I actually recorded the numbers of people's ranks on paper:
The worst occasion was when it was a level 29,62,60 and 67 against me(38),2,3 and 16(quit)
Because of this balancing I lost three times in a row while at Platinum four, while going positive, so...
  • How many times has this happened? Three times in a row on record, but definitely more times outside of this.
I am not sure if this is just a result of Season 4 ending and Season 5 beginning, as I was playing when that happened, but I feel like this has happened before. Obviously my feeling is not useful to you guys lol but still.
Entering a warzone turbo game that has already started. Can't use req system, locks out everything except for standard load out items at level 1 it says I'm at level 9 but nothing is available. it's happened on every map multiple times to myself and friends.
  • Playlist: Warzone
  • Map Name: Skirmish at Darkstar
  • Mode: Warzone Turbo
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature? ?
  • Describe the bug: Join in progress as the pelicans were dropping everyone off. Everyone else was playing Turbo, I was playing regular Warzone. Level 1 Req and everything. Maybe because I didn't hear Req Level 9 and see the graphic of accelerated req leveling? Sure sucked. LOL.
  • How many times has this happened? Last game for the night. Way to top off a crappy lag fest.
Tengo Problemas con halo5 me saca del juego de dados Que me perdio mi consola La Conexión con el Servidor del Juego ESTO SUCEDE en la arena en zona de guerra ya comprobe Conexión, Internet roja y todo bien. Otras juegos si juego bien Solo En Halo es this Problema y es siempre SI ES Una Partida Rápida Como arena si me deja Acabar Pero La Mayoría De Las Veces no me saca de siempre
Gametag El Jaguar
My csr in swat would only go up about 1 point after a win and drop about 30 for a loss I was placed 1700 and was really stoked to get champion rank wich I never have had before and after grinding to 1780 I encountered a team with some pros and lost.dropping me down 30 csr and crushing my dreams one of the guys i was playing with got his after leveling up the normal way with me. I hope the glitch is fixed soon I was pretty bummed but I relize these things happen I'll get back on the horse and try again Wednesday
My Halo: MCC will not work on MP at all. After a 19.6G update (Which took all night) it just keeps saying "Downloading Playlist" or "Not connected to Xbox Live" which i am! for hours solid. Please help i just payed $50 for this to play with my son. GT: Warburton3183
halo 5 matchmaking n customs was working fine about 1 plus hours of about 1pm est i cant select any playlists, if i can the playlist wont load.Also a error msg appears in arena playlists saying :unable to match, matchmaking encountered networking difficulties.
Playlist: Warzone Turbo
Map Name: Skirmish at Darkstar
Mode: Warzone Turbo
Is this an exploit or broken feature? broken feature
Describe the bug: When the Turbo playlist is selected, if the matchmaking system decides to drop me into an open spot in a match already in progress, I am not able to redeem any reqs. Since my team already has level 9 reqs unlocked, I can change my loadout weapons as I please, but I am unable to redeem any power weapon or vehicle reqs. This obviously puts me at a disadvantage against opponents that can pull out power weapons and vehicles and it defeats the purpose of Warzone Turbo. It has only happened to me on Darkstar, so I can't say if it happens with other maps as well.
*** Update: I've heard reports from several other players that this is happening on other maps as well - Noctus, specifically.
How many times has this happened? This has happened to me 3 times now. Reported by other players, as well.

My apologies if this issue has already been posted, I haven't had a chance to look through all the posts yet.
Playlist: ALL
Map Name: ALL
Mode: ALL
Is this an exploit or broken feature? Broken Feature
Describe the bug: During online multiplayer, the game constantly drops me out of games due to "losing connection" to the servers. This has never happened to me before with any of my other games. Judging from the wide amount of people who are experiencing the same thing, this appears to be a critical problem you folks need to fix. Most days I can't even play a single game all the way through. And Better yet, there is the penalty for being disconnected too many times. So, let me get this straight...the game is constantly dropping me from games and then punishing me for it at the same time???? You guys need to get it together.
How many times has this happened? MULTIPLE TIMES
keep getting kicked off warzone matches when I am 3 games deep.
I have three bugs

Playlist: Warzone
  • Map Name: All 5
  • Mode: Warzone
  • Broken Feature
  • Describe the bug: There's no intro music as the intro plays. You end up hearing "Initiating Warzone Simulation" and that's it. Complete silence until the pelican drops you off. It's mildly annoying, and makes the 13 second opening incredibly boring.
  • How many times has this happened? At least a dozen times to me, my friends have reported it too while chatting before some matches.
Playlist: Warzone
  • Map Name: All 5
  • Mode: Warzone
  • Broken Feature
  • Describe the bug: Sometimes when you join a match it won't let you access your req menu for the whole match. It's happened several times to me. Occasionally it's on a match that I didn't join into, but one I normally started. It's incredibly annoying as you'll end up dying a lot when you only have the AR and magnum, and is potentially game-breaking
  • How many times has this happened? Several times, maybe five or six. Once it was game-wide
Playlist: Forge
  • Map Name: Any
  • Mode: Forge
  • Broken Feature
  • Describe the bug: Sometimes when grouping items the game freezes and crashes, and if you didn't save recently you'll lose all progress. Also, while on the subject the game sometimes crashes for no apparent reason, although this is very rare.
  • How many times has this happened? At least a dozen times in forge, maybe four times outside of forge. The ones outside of forge have no apparent cause
Playlist: Any
Map Name: Any
Mode: Arena
Is this an exploit or broken feature? Broken Feature
Describe the bug: When the menu UI is in brazilian portuguese the arena ranks are not updated (both at the playlist selection screen and in the matchmaking screen). However, in the post-game screen the rank is shown correctly.
How many times has this happened? Multiple times
Playlist: SWAT
Map: All
Mode: All SWAT variants
SWAT Champions boosting. Looking at top CSR values/scores from Halotracker's website was showing the top player at a CSR score of 7200, with second and third place above a score of 6500. Fourth place and down are barely reaching a score of 4000. Other playlist's show top CSR scores peaking just over 3500 (Arena, Slayer, FFA Slayer, and Breakout). Even though SWAT matches tend to be a faster, and more games can be played, CSR scores shouldn't be that high if they were playing against people near the same ranks, especially this early in the season. Knowing some these players, spectating games of them playing, it's clear the players they match up against are below their "skill level" due to two or more teammates purposefully ranking bronze/silver on secondary accounts. (Not to be rude or demeaning to anyone).
How many times has this happened: Multiple

CSR values shouldn't go up unless your playing against people near the same rank (Mainly for rank Onyx and higher). Example: Champions winning against other Champions and/or high Onyx and players should be the only way for CSR to increase. If a player is high diamond (getting ready to move to onyx), they shouldn't be matched up against Champions, but instead low to high onyx players.
  • Playlist: Warzone
  • Map Name: All
  • Mode: Warzone Turbo
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature? I think broken feature, but I'm not certain
  • Describe the bug: Two bugs actually. First, after every match I get stuck on a 'Deploying' screen. I can access the Start menu and REQ menu, look at my stats and customize my armor, etc. But I am unable to leave matchmaking and the game does nothing else on its own. The first time I left it alone for ten minutes and nothing happened. Closing the game and restarting it allow me to continue playing. Bug 2 is that I am often unable to use REQs. Sometimes I can access my loadout items and armor mods, but nothing else. Most often I'm stuck with a standard AR and Magnum for the whole match. Sometimes the entire group of players has the same problem, sometimes one team can use REQs and the other cannot, sometimes it appears to only be certain individuals on either team. Either way, something is wrong.
  • How many times has this happened? Bug 1 has happened after every game I've played on the evening of 20160512. Bug 2 has happened in some form in all but one or two games this evening.
theirs no in game chat in free for all you can't hear people talk until the game is finished or in the lobby theirs no in game chat... Please fix
Playlist: Infection
Map Name: All Maps
Mode: Infection
Is this an exploit or broken feature? Broken feature
Describe the bug: As the infected, sometimes your clamber works and sometimes you don't clamber at all. Some infected can clamber on an object another can't, I'm not sure if it's part of the game mode but I do believe it should be fixed.
How many times has this happened? Some games it happens and some games it don't. It's been happening more often than not recently.
Warzone Turbo
Raid on Apex 7
Spawned in after the game had started and I couldn't access any reqs at all. My level 9 load out was available, however my req points wouldn't increase at all.
I played the entire game from when I joined, dying, killing Spartans or capturing bases, morning increased my reqs, I was level 9, but couldn't access any reqs at all.
  • Playlist: Arena, but I haven't tested other playlists
  • Map Name: N/A
  • Mode: N/A
  • Is this an exploit or broken feature? Just a UI glitch.
  • Describe the bug: When getting a CSR promotion in the post game, the text for diamond and platinum is reversed. For example, getting promoted to diamond 3 shows the correct icon, but will read platinum 3.
  • How many times has this happened? Every time.
Playlist: Team Arena
Map Name: Any map
Mode: Any Mode
Is this an exploit or broken feature? broken feature
Describe the bug: There is this strange circle thing in the bottom left of my screen. It constantly shows little red a white (?) bleeps whenever opponents or teammates are near my position. I have spoken with people on the team I am going against and they have the same issue. This obviously is a broken feature, why would a competitive playlist have the ability to see the enemy on a little blip before you physically see them? You are also able to see where they go and come from even when they are around a corner or out of sight. This constantly breaks many skill based aspects of the game, including but not limited to: Flanks, flag runs, team shooting, and it seems to promote the ability to simply hide around corners with one hit kill weapons and wait for the blip to move towards your position, letting you know that there is an enemy coming towards you before you can see or hear them. I suppose this could double as an exploit because it clearly negates many strategies and limits the unpredictability of a players movements.
How many times has this happened? Every time I play. It's very strange that it has not been addressed yet.
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