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Stasis - Fall Preview Feedback

OP Forum Team


Please provide feedback on the Team Arena Fall Preview settings in this thread! To read up on the Team Arena Fall Preview playlist and find links to all other dedicated feedback threads, head here.

Over the past few months, we’ve been gathering your feedback on Arena map weapon layouts here on Waypoint, and we’ve made a variety of refresh updates to a select set of Arena map / game type combinations in Team Arena.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing your feedback.
This map is awful, please remove.
Stasis is a good CTF map, the way it is.

Stasis is a HORRIBLE assault map. Scoring is ridiculously easy. spawns are way too far to stop someone planting.

The ONLY maps for assault should be Truth and Fathom (without the changes to the map itself). Those 2 played out the best for assault.
I think Stasis can work for Assault due to its ability to work for CTF. However, if you're going to have Assault, given that this map is the longest to get from one side to another, the spawns should be fixed.

But I like this map I think it can work.
Spawns aren't the greatest. Take out hydra/brute. This is one of the better game types imo though.
This map simply doesn't work for Assault. I've come to enjoy it on CTF, but the spawns simply don't work well enough for Assault, and the arm point having so much cover makes scoring pretty easy in comparison to other maps. Although I do like removing OS because it makes breaks more interesting, and bomb with OS on this map would be too much. Hydra and shotgun feel like overkill with everything else though. Perhaps a scatter with half ammo in each base to help contest one team arming? I don't know. Bottom line. This map feels weird for assault, but I'm not sure if any amount of weapon changes would save it.
It's kinda OK for CTF, but terrible for Assault since Assault does not work in halo 5. I'd like both side to be equal though.
The only complaint is have is with the overall map rotation in the Playlist.
We are playing stasis WAY to much
Feels like a very traditional halo map. I like it. I loke slayer, ctf and assault.. The map plays quick i feel the overshield keeps everything moving and oppertunities open to get ahead of the game.
All I have to say is put a equal amount of grenades on the map. I don't want to see 8 human grenades, 4 plasma, and 2 splitter grenades. All we need is 4 grenades per type on all the maps.
Stasis is only fun for swat imo. Regular slayer is lame.