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The removal of the sword block makes this game completely unbalanced. Bungie included this because sprint + sword overpowers everything. I see no reason for its removal. Please keep it in the game.
It is in Default Reach Playlists so you don't have to worry about it if you love playing those Playlists.

Sword Block is an annoyance for me. The Energy Sword was a weapon that was always meant to be feared and it is a Power Weapon. Don't get close to it. Sword Block makes that concept redundant and can give an unfair advantage to the victim and a severe disadvantage to the Sword Wielder.
I dislike the removal of Sword Block as well, however taking it away makes it more like past Halo multiplayers. The Sword is indeed a power weapon, so it makes sense that you can't block it; can you block a rocket? A shotgun shot? AL not included, however 9/10 times Sword Block didn't work to begin with.

It's frustrating when you get killed by it, however it's great when you're the one killing.