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OP bs angel

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Add a competitive playlist.
There seem to be no skill search applied to the current matchmaking, so a cometitive playlist would be nice which could include but not limited too:

Lone Wolves (none of this crap where guys get 3 guests each and stat whore)
Double Team

Also my favourite gametype is custom games, because i do not value the current state of matchmaking. And we can actually play players of good skill and good connection in competitive settings on nicely forged maps or some of the current maps that have been edited for more competitive play.
Please listen to my feedback as im sure 95% of people will agree with me.

Top 3 best playlist. and only ONE is live right now. Its depressing.

#1 Team Snipers - not active in war games as of 12/1/12

#2 Team Doubles - not active in war games

#3 Team SWAT - active in war games.

PLEASE PLEASE bring these playlists back. There are only 50k people playing halo 4 and this is one of the main reasons. Make each playlist have its own level system like the rest of the good halo games.

Thanks for your time and i REALLY hope you push my word through. This is something that will make people want to play Halo 4 (50k online) more then CoD:BO2. (450k online)
What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?
Slayer, its fun, pure, and actioned packed.

What is your least favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?
None, I have not played all the playlists so I cant tell.

What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?
PROMETHEAN vs SPARTANS. Because I really liked invasion in reach.
classic hands down needs to be put in the game
-no loadouts
-br and ar start / ar and pistol
-no dmrs
-no ordinance
-preferably no sprint
-fixed weapons spawns
-no armor abilities or perks
-either forged or remade h1/2/3 maps (no big ones)
Lightmare, thank you for this post! Specifically that last point; remade smaller maps. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 343! We humbly request classic playlists on some smaller maps.
I was really happy when I saw 'FFA' pop up, but was disappointed that it only contained objective modes...I am still waiting for a revival of the old Rumble Pit. That was the mode I played the most. Basically my only gripe about the FFA Rollback (sorry if that's not what it's called) is that there is no straight up Slayer. There was nothing I enjoyed more in previous halo games than battling a bunch of other lone wolfs and coming out on top. It really gives you a stronger feeling of accomplishment knowing that you didn't win because the members on your team are better because you can only rely on yourself.
•What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?
My favorite Halo 4 playlist is either Oddball or King of the Hill. I love objective game modes, and these playlists really take the cake.

•What is your least favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?
Team Swat. If we die from only a shot or two, then we might as well just go off and play Call of Duty.

•What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?
I wish they had 2v2v2v2v2v2v2 multi team, or 3v3v3v3v3 multi team. This is by far my all time favorite playlist.
Favorite- Straight up slayer

Least favorite- oddball, ctf, regicide, dominion. I dont know why theres a playlist for each. Throw all objective games into 1 or 2 playlists and let ppl play them at random for those who really enjoy them.

Suggestion- add multi and doubles. multi being 4 teams of 3 and doubles 2 teams of 2 would be nice. lone wolves. why is it not there, why? fundamental halo playlist, it should be there. also I would like to see a playlist that is just for fun and doesnt accumulate stats, like rocket race and grifball or something. also I would like the 3 available maps that are already on the disc but not available in matchmaking to be added to matchmaking. settler, relay, and the other name I cant recall but these need to be in matchmaking because it becomes super redundant playing the same 6 maps all the time, especially when everyone almost always votes for adrift, haven, and complex, theres not enough variety. theres a reason why every single time without fail the vast majority of the population is in normal/big team slayer. please listen to your fans who want to love halo again
Well 1st off I want to say -Yoink- you i'm stuck with op and wetwork, 2nd off make the people in the people in infected be able to use their own colors, not being forced to neon green, also when you customize your gametypes, as i'm big on forge i like to be able to use powerups, and be able to use forced color in trait zones, aswell as weapon pickups, I like the magnets to actually co-ordinate snap the objects and make it so infected can use their own weapons rather than a red infected herpes stick. Thanks 343!
  • What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?
Team Infinity Slayer. It's mixing the old with the new, a perfect balance of your new, fun innovations and old gameplay that we all know and love. You can turn a match around easier than in previous Halos, something I really enjoy (ex: losing by 150, then gaining the lead).

Second favorite would have to be Regicide, but let's not get into that.
  • What is your least favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?
Surprisingly, Big Team Infinity Slayer. Slayer, as I previously stated, is something I love. In Halo 4, however, I find the Big Team maps are much like Heavy variants from previous games - too chaotic, too many vehicles, and too many power weapons. Valhalla was one of my favorite maps in Halo 3, but in Halo 4 I detest it due to the overabundance of vehicles.

It could definitely use some improvement and better maps, IMO.

  • What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?
Team Objective. Put every objective gametype (or at least the ones that work with the same party size) into one playlist. Objective is really fun to play with friends, and I like not knowing what I'm going to play next.

Team Doubles (Favorite Game mode ever)
Team Rockets (With spartan lasers as secondary)
Team Swords (Love the Energy Sword)
Multi Team (I always love the chaos)
There are only 50k people playing halo 4
Last time I checked there were 125,000. I guess it depends what time you're on.
Favorite Game type is Team Sniper but unfortunately you removed it :(
However, I still like the BTB, Team Swat and Infinity slayers.
Will like to see Team Sniper, multiteam, double team, MLG and action sack.
My fav playlist: Dominion. least fav playlist: Flood, I was neaver a fan of infection gametypses. Playlist you dont have: Grifball,Actionsack,and a port over from reach Invasion.
  • What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?
Oddball. The new throwing mechanic makes for a broader spectrum of strategy.

  • What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?
Assault. It was my favorite gametype in the previous games. I know it's not even a gametype in Halo 4, so I'll choose something else.
Probably a Team Objective playlist that combines Oddball, CTF, Dom., and Extraction.
Favorite? I'm not entirely sure if I HAVE a favorite at the moment. Most of the time, my friends and I are jumping around from playlist to playlist trying to keep the energy flowing. The ones we definitely do hit up a lot would be Infinity Slayer, BTIS, Flood, Dominion and Slayer Pro with the occasional SWAT and Regicide.

Least favorite.. hmm... I don't have any in particular, but CTF is kinda... not so much the playlist, but the situations I get put it. I like CTF, just some times not so fun to play.

Needed playlists: Umm... Team Snipers, I would like back. Something to get me comfortable with the Halo 4 sniper rifle because that was usually my role back in Reach whenever I'd grab hold of that rifle. Grifball is a must. Normal FFA, maybe even some MLG would be nice. I'm an average joe at this game, but I had fun going into MLG. Learning a thing or two how to get better.
I'd like to see Team Snipers return.


#1: Assault

#2: Griffball

#3: Multi-Team

I wouldn't mind seeing Doubles either, but the above types are my top choices.

Also, where is this "Extraction" game type I've been hearing about since before launch?
What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?
Well Infinity slayer is a good default. But besides slayer, I really love dominion. It's just fun trying to keep the bases yours and having like defense systems (auto turrets, shield doors, stuff only the base team can use).

What is your least favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?
Either Oddball or KOTH. Those two just aren't that interesting for me. To much chaos, not a lot of focus really.

What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?
I'm sooo disappointed there is no rumble pit. That is what I played like 80% of the time on reach. It is my favorite game mode. I like playing by myself. There is FFA throwback but it's often not slayer, and is one of the game modes I'm not interested in.
Team Fiesta (random starting weapons). Or FFA Fiesta. I enjoyed these playlists in Halo 2. Might be hard to do now with having loadouts though...
My favorite playlist would have to be dominion; it is similar to conquest on BF 3 but much more awesome and crazy due to the fact that its halo!

least fave would definitely be flood. It is way too creepy and freaks me out, plus the flood are too fast and a bit too powerful.

Playlists that need to be in:

Slayer; just like pro just with motion scanner, no armor abilities and preset loadouts only

Grifball; why have you not made a playlist for this yet? You have the custom game for it yet you don't have a matchmaking playlist?

Multiteam; 3 ball, hot potato, rocket race(lol), crazy king, and straight up slayer with 4 teams of 3 (or 4 since you have space in one match for up to 16 ppl)

and last but not least, Action sack; I was very frustrated when you removed it from reach, please bring it back with gametypes from both halo 3 and reach because it was so much fun and hilarious to have a playlist where you could just screw around. Hockey was fun beyond compare, haloball extreme was a riot, sumo is so funny, why would you not put the playlist back in since it was a community playlist and showed what ppl came up with in forge which now has even more possibility. Please bring the sack back!
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