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The BR stills useless and need to be fix!

OP MateusGates

The BR stills useless and need to be fix! We all need our BR back.
Assuming you're talking about Halo 5, the battle rifle is far from useless. The magnum just outshines it at the BR's intended role of being a strong, mid-range, all-purpose weapon. Similar to how the BR is almost always taken over the carbine in Halo 2 and Halo 3. This is an unavoidable symptom of having two weapons fill the same role.
It’s been 4 years since Halo 5 launched and Halo 6 releases in less than a year. No one is going to “fix” the BR. Just use the magnum or use the stabilized BR in warzone or H2 BR.
The BR in Halo 5 is also stronger than in the OG titles
The BR is fine. I love using it.
The BR has been broken since 343 decided to change it like year or so ago. I've always hated the BR in every other Halo game because it’s always been OP. But in Halo 5 it was perfect for 3 years and then 343 nerf it so now all you see is Magnum Warfare in Halo 5 which is why I stopped playing Halo 5 Matchmaking.
I grew up with Normal Weapons Start Off and that's the gameplay I desire to play in Halo. If it's not, then I just won't be playing Matchmaking. Weapons on map should always be more powerful than the weapons you start off with. That's all there is to it😃
As EditorialCub2 said, it's not useless it's just highly outclassed by all the other precision weapons that lap into the mid-range role. If only they had kept its’ pre-tuned Red-Reticle-Ranges it'd manage to serve a more practical niche role. That's why I continue to recommend to 343i that they use the Long-Barrel Recon variant as the available "default" H5BR within Arena & Social playlists. Unfortunately they haven't heeded my advice yet, but maybe someday.

Personally, I think the current regular Recon H5BR functions somewhat fine within the Warzone environment if you perceive it as a type of upgrade to the Assault Rifle via REQ progression. But, outside that very narrow role fit it really doesn't have a niche sandbox role within the vast majority of Ranked and Social Arena playlists given its' more direct precision weapon competition and function within those environments.
The BR seems inconsistent now. Similar to the H4 BR where sometimes you get the 4 shot and other times it takes 5. Even if I land all shots in H5 its as if the one bullet that misses in the 3 round burst prevents you from getting the 4 shot. It's not useless though, all it's really good for is when you run out of ammo for the magnum and there is no DMR or LR around.