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the social weekly playlist is not social

OP DeadCassette

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Social is having extremely loose trueskill.
Social is having stats separate from ranked.
Social is having social features, like 'party-up'
Social is having a mirror version of ranked playlists.
Social is having a goofy playlist or two, permanently.
Social is having a radar that has a point without full team coordination, along with other lax gameplay settings.

..and so on.

Social is should not just be accepted as social because someone deems it to be. There should be certain characteristics that are agreed upon by many that define social.
v Stoney v wrote:
I do have to say though it's sad this playlist can't just be a fun playlist, it had to be contaminated by tryhards. I'm a tryhard myself in normal arena but I just wanted to come into some games, no mic by myself and just practice, but nope, running against teams of 2-3 playing who are calling out, strafing hardcore and crouching till their thumbs bleed.
So people playing halo better then you?

What people fail to realize is we don't have to sweat in order to play angles correctly, have a better shot, or have friends that are also good that we choose to play with. I get it, the people that aren't very good, anddon't care to be, have no where to play essentially. The people that aren't very good but think that they are. are whining and moaning because they are tired of getting dumped on in any game where they aren't playing a full team of randoms that don't talk.

Either work to improve your game, i.e. what angles to play, when to challenge, how to focus on staying alive, or go play something different.
Ish 71 wrote:
i saw this thread coming a mile aw
The only reason its not social is because its not a social gamemod to begin with.

Want halo 5 to feel social?

have shotty snipes, have team rockets, have fiesta, have team splasers.

you can even innovate and have vehicle only games (if they let you spawn as a vehicle).

The game would feel social if the game modes were more casual. I agree, calling a playlist social doesn't magically change the gameplay. But the gamemode can change the gameplay. CTF in arena maps is too competitive
exactly someone with some brains on here. ctf in halo 5 can never be social. im all for team feista etc and what not
Map design is also an important factor. I get that with new mechanics the layouts have to change but there are hardly any open arena maps with a fun center for carnage. These could be added from forge and what not. This along with gamemodes would make Halo 5 social- and very fun in my opinion because i still enjoy the game
We have a winner! Social slayer had in previous Halos included smaller BTB and mid size maps in the rotation. The entire focus of almost every map in Halo to date is a smaller Arena feel (even the BTB maps). This will take some time but I'm very confident that eventually social Playlist will get the right maps of all sizes and level of, for lack of a better term, seriousness (boarding action) in their rotation.
Halo 3's social slayer even had Valhalla in the rotation! To be honest, playing the current big team battle maps in a 5v5 arena mode would be hella fun for a more casual slayer experience. Many of them are already the perfect size. I wish 343 could see this as well.

edit: Last Resort was probably the perfect size for a social slayer map in my opinion.
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