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Triple team balancing issue

OP Anonymoosez

I wonder whose idea was it to have one team spawn on the power weapon spawn point with sword spawn rocket spawn and such why does one team spawn directly on it giving them an advantage at the start of the game
Hardly an advantage! Getting a single spawn in close proximity to a power weapon is totally not unfair! Sure it may give then a couple kills, but remember, it's to 50.
Most maps are designed with 4v4 in mind, so having a third team can make deciding where to initially spawn them difficult.
1 kill alone could be the difff of a win or loss so yeah
Remember all these maps were made for 2 teams in mind not 3 or more so of course they have to spawn somewhere. And like Trademerk said it really isn't that big of an advantage because you're spawning in the middle of the 2 other teams.
Because yellow team spawns on the power weapons doesn't mean they have the advantage. From my experience the other two teams rush yellow team's spawn and annihilates them.