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Uneven teams and parties breaking up!


I'm having no problem finding matches but what I can't stand Is the uneven teams and splitting me and my party up! I've been so patient hoping and praying they fix this having so much excitement for every patch! Just to get disappointed! Idk what to think any more. I'm not the complaining type but sometimes you can't help it! Especially when you feel like you were screwed over. 343i please before the end of next week fix this! Or you'll lose a lot more fan base than you already have. Sad to say.
I played a 4v6 yesterday in h2a still won lmao but it really needs to get fixed this is getting annoying
I played a 3v7 in H2A on Lockout to day. It was brutal. I don't mind taking my beating but I did what I could. Lockout is a small map. so having 7 people on the other team is crazy
So when the hell is the uneven teams crap going to be patched? It's seriously starting to bore me playing 4v5 or 3v4 games every game. If I wanted uneven teams, I'd go play Destiny.