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Unranked Rumble Pit should NOT have a party limit

OP stormRecon 2

It's never been necessary before, why start now?

The only thing this does is lock one of the most fun playlists off from the people who play split screen and with friends.

The vast majority of my Halo playtime is in FFA gametypes with my brother playing split screen right alongside me. We don't work together and the majority of the people we see with guests or in parties also don't work together.

It's fun to kill your friends.
Because if you look at the description it says ranks coming soon, so it will eventually be a ranked playlist

I tried to play Rumble Pit with a friend last night, as I have for many years in every other Halo incarnation, and it wouldn't let me. Until it's ranked (which, frankly, it doesn't seem like any of these playlists is ever going to be), there's no reason to change the format that has existed in previous games. I get not letting split-screen parties play, but remote parties... come on.