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[Locked] Warzone Feedback Megathread

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Have you been playing a lot of Warzone? Us too!
The multiplayer team would love to get your feedback on our biggest game mode, and we’re looking for input on just about every aspect. Please use the bullet points below as a guide for topics to discuss.
  • Matchmaking (How quickly do you find matches? Do the majority of these matches have fair and balanced teams?)
  • Scoring (Would you change any of the score rewards for AI bosses, Spartan kills, or Capturing Bases?)
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill (Is your REQ Level an accurate representation of your match performance? Does your REQ Level move too slow/fast? Does your REQ energy refill too slow/fast? )
  • REQ Level & Cost for Power Weapons & Vehicles (Would you make changes to the current REQ Level & Cost for any items? If so, which items?)
  • Objectives - Do you participate in the Objective gameplay (Bosses, Bases, Core Destruction) in Warzone or do you play the mode more like a Slayer experience? Why?
  • Bosses (Do you like the Boss gameplay in Warzone? Which Bosses are too difficult? (Strength, Point Rewards, Locations)
  • Spawning (Feedback on player respawns? Do you like vehicle bay spawns?)
  • Core Destruction Gameplay (Do you like having the Core destruction win condition?)
  • Maps (Do you generally like or dislike the current Warzone maps? What would you change about them? Which map is your favorite/least favorite?)
  • Warzone Assault (Do you like Warzone Assault? Why or why not?)
  • Intros/Outros (What do you think of the intro and outro cutscenes?)
  • Replayability/Longevity – (Do you still play Warzone? If not, why did you stop playing?)
  • Favorites - What is your favorite thing to do in Warzone? What is your least favorite thing to do in Warzone?
Lastly, we encourage you to provide any additional feedback that you feel we may have missed in the questions above. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

My opinions are based on over 650 games of WarZone.

Matchmaking I find matches quickly, and the matches are mostly well balanced. Some of my latest games have finished 1000 - 9XX. Even facing off against Sin Shoot2Kill, I thought we would get smashed but it was one of those games that ended 1000 - 939. With my team losing of course lol.

Lately I've been getting weird lag spikes. It happens at least twice a game. I don't remember it happening early after h5 release, but I guess I could have not noticed them. But I would love for the lag spikes to disappear.

Scoring I like the scores the way they are, with a few recommendations. 1. I would like to see the bosses' collective trash (grunts, crawlers, etc) worth at least 1 point/ kill. 2. I would like to see the boss that spawns on the enemy's side worth more points, thus encouraging more map movement. For an example of what I mean I will use Escape from ARC as an example. At ten minutes, Ghost Patrols spawn near each home base and they are both worth 25 points in the current system. I would like to see the Ghost Patrol that spawns near red base worth 50 points to blue team and 25 points to red team. Vice versa. This idea can be expanded to all bosses that spawn in pairs.

I know it's a popular request to get rid of "kill stealing" on bosses, but the way the system works now is beautiful. I wouldn't want it to change.

REQ Leveling and Energy Refill The REQs move a little fast for me. The increased REQ leveling with the long weapon despawn timer make for lots of power weapons. While this isn't a problem in terms of balance or fun, I can't help but feel that Halo has taken another step on the P2W (pay to win) diving board.

I didn't know where to put this feedback, but it sort of belongs here. The UI for grabbing REQs is unbearable. The worst part of the experience for me. As someone who has put a lot of time into h5, I have most of the REQs. This makes the menu navigation at REQ stations incredibly laggy. If I could change anything, this would be it. Many have suggested a favorites tab or an automatic load out switching mechanism, either of these options would be fantastic.

REQ Level & Cost for Power Weapons & Vehicles ONI turret should be lower, maybe 4. BiRi could be lower, it's worse than the sniper and beam rifle. The only recommendation I have here is creating an armor mod that makes your REQ level recharge quicker while equipped. The damage boost seems either too high or too underpowered, I would recommend a change in either direction. Phaeton and Mantis could be bumped down a REQ level as they are incredibly fragile.

Objectives I almost exclusively go for bosses. Some games I only get 5 Spartan kills or so because of the work I do with bosses. The bosses point value is what attracts me. I don't even take the time to capture bases. My train of thought is as follows: a lot of people play the mode like Battlefield's Conquest mode. If they can simply hold down one base while I (we if my buddy is on) steal bosses from the enemy and kill neutrally spawned bosses we should win the game

It would be nice to see when bases are being capped from further away. Also your fireteam's call signs from further away.

Bosses Some of the bosses have annoying kill tendencies (Example 1- throwing grenades without looking or Example 2- Crazy flip/ kill) but I love boss gameplay. It would be amazing if they were more dynamic/random/unpredictable like if you didn't know what boss was spawning. Also, traveling AI around the maps would be well received.

Spawning Some of the spawns are glitched, like the tubes on Raid and the slopes of the ledges in March. Other than that they feel ok to me. Vehicle spawning works perfect.

Core Destruction Gameplay Yes I like the idea, it occasionally helps with the random game imbalance. It's also one of the best feelings when my team destroys the enemy core.

Maps The armories on ARC feel too close, and red team on Raid seems to me to have a huge advantage. I would like to see the middle base in WarZone have more value. As it stands, I firmly believe that bases in most matches follow this pattern: one team holds the middle and the other team holds the 2 outside bases. As it stands, and this is debatable, I firmly believe it is more beneficial to be the team that has both outside bases.

More variety in base structure would be well received by this Halo gamer. Having the same bases, garages, and armories on each map defeats the purpose of making the maps unique.

Now to express my unpopular opinion. I hate Noctus. It was seemingly designed around vehicle combat and a different pressure to cap bases. The end result is a sniper's paradise where the DMR reigns supreme and vehicles are a death trap. The map has consistently poor matches for me, with uncontested boss battles at the garages and luck based Warden fights. It's nearly impossible to keep the enemy team away from the Wardens compared to other maps.

Again, a relatively unpopular opinion, March on Stormbreak is my favorite.

Warzone Assault It's ok, but the concept lends itself to spawn trapping too much for me to risk it much. I am rarely playing with gamers that want to play the mode. It's a nice occasional break if I want a social playlist but are tired of hunting AI.

Intros/Outros I have the announcer muted, so the cinematic elements feel like an interesting calm before the storm. It's a neat feeling and gets me ready to enjoy the match.

Replayability/Longevity I do still play, as it feels like the only true social experience in Halo 5. It's also the way to get REQ points the fastest, as well as the only place to use them. If one avoided WarZone, they would be missing out on 90% of the weapons in the game.

Favorites My favorite thing to do in WarZone is infiltrate enemy territory and kill the boss on their side in situations where a boss spawns on each side. It's quite the rush, and never gets old.

My least favorite thing to do in WarZone is get spawn trapped. Shouldn't be a shocker lol. I realize in the community update it was mentioned it doesn't happen a lot. That's not incredibly shocking, it's just that when it happens to you for twenty minutes straight it makes one feel like giving up Halo 5 for a week and sticks in the memory much longer than games that go 1000 - 8XX and were well fought.

Thanks for providing me the opportunity to type a lengthy response, I will likely add/edit in the next few days.
You should add a more tatical version of warzone. Less players no join in progress so its more team based. More boss spawn. And more bases. More ways to get points so its back and forth. Call it something like Wazone Arena. Second Warzone should have more boss vatiety. Not the same boss in all maps. And bosses go with the maps.
  • REQ Level & Cost for Power Weapons & Vehicles:
As I keep saying there should either be a buff the mantis or a lowering of its REQ level. Also remove boarding from the front.
  • Matchmaking Matchmaking is fast, but not even. Most games are a snowball one way or the other.
  • Scoring The scoring feels off. Legendary bosses are simply worth too many points. Stealing al 3 legendary bosses is enough to win the game for a team that has been stomped in every other way.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill I think that the current REQ level implementation is bad because it encourages snowballing. Players that get early boss kills get REQs first, which get them kills, which get more REQs, etc. Eventually you have teams with Scorpions against team’s that can’t even spawn a Spartan Laser. How I would implement it is make all players have the same REQ level, instead making REQ energy be the player’s reward for action.
  • REQ Level & Cost for Power Weapons & Vehicles The biggest outlier is the Ghost and its variants. They are too cheap.
  • Objectives Lack of markers over objectives until getting close makes it much harder to participate. Also, base backdooring sucks.
  • Bosses The boss gameplay is pretty bad. Most games are decided by which team randomly kills the legendary bosses. The last hit system just isn’t suitable to decide the entire game.
  • Core Destruction Gameplay It’s nice that there’s an option to end the game early, but too many games are complete stompfests without a core destruction, and defending the core is miserable.
  • Maps Battle of Noctus is pretty good, but a bit unfriendly to infantry. Raid on Apex 7 is pretty good, but approaching the middle base is a huge pain when players set up with precision weapons, and the cave by red armory is imbalanced. Escape from ARC has an issue where players often get backed into a corner of the map, unable to do anything. March on Stormbreak is atrocious. The legendary at the beginning completely screws one team over from the beginning. Once one team captures the fortress, the rest of the match will just be the other team failing to assault it, while the defending team racks up bosses.
  • Warzone Assault Assault is OK because it eliminates the randomness of bosses, but defending/attacking the bases can become just so monotonous.
  • Intros/Outros They’re great, just a little bit too long.
  • Replayability/Longevity I stopped playing Warzone. I just wasn’t having fun anymore. Most matches were complete stompfests, and the boss system ruined the experience. I rarely called in REQs, because the match just didn’t matter to me.
Bosses/ai wish they had more character to them
replayability although I constantly play it over and over(because I want reqs) it is the same thing over and over. And it is pretty boring.
Objectives: I have a few issues with the bases in Warzone. 1) I feel that if the base icons were visible from farther away, it would allow players to be more aware of the status of their bases. I often find myself running towards a base for 5-10 seconds before its icon shows up on my screen and I can't tell if it's being captured or not before it shows up. 2) I sometimes have the issue that when attempting to spawn at a base that I own, the respawn timer will sit at 0 if it's getting attacked, I assume that's to prevent spawn killing and that that's a part of the engine, but I think fixing that would make a base more defendable. (Side note, the spawn time sitting at 0 catches me off guard 9 times out of 10 and I hold forward because I was expecting to spawn, but because of the timer, I end up switching what base I'm "choosing" to spawn at and it ends up putting me there instead. I think it would be nice if you made it so only the D-pad could change your spawn location and not the thumbstick). 3) I frequently find myself annoyed when I'm trying to spawn at a base and it spawns me on a teammate that's far from it. It becomes especially annoying when you are trying to defend said base and it takes you even longer to get there because of spawning on a teammate. I would like to see an option to either turn on or off teammate spawning, or a new spawn point that's specifically meant for spawning on a teammate (ex: fireteam spawning from Halo: Reach's Invasion mode).
for the love of glob, replay ability is an issue. I love warzone, however I have my own selfish wants and needs for the game type. First off on some of the maps it fells as if the spawning is a bit off, granted im no map designer so dont know how to help you there. Second the maps fell the same to me. Most likely the only reason for that is the bases all look the same, and almost feel out of place on many of the maps. personally would like to see them more integrated into the map like the monument on Nocturen. However the two garages do not look right some ides i had for the map would be maybe make one look like a parking garage or a construction site of a sort, just not cut and past like it is. there needs to be more thin 4 maps granted that seems like it will be a temporary issue. Lastly bosses are predictable and just not fun after a game or 2 of warzone an idea that crossed my mind, would be to a not always call out the boss and have a random respawn with slightly more distinct AI.An example would be the elite assassin whom is bad at his job for every one knows where he is. that is not very stealthy at all however if you applied my idea, he would spawn in a random location of witch no at the time would know about. AI is the second problem with the boss. Almost all of them feel the same so for the elite assassin he could actually try and hunt players down regardless of his spawn even run into a base just to stab some folks. another example for better AI would be for the elite patrol leader to go on patrol and cruse through the map specifically targeting vehicles before individual people.would like to see more verity as well a few i just made up would be jakal sniper party have it be 3 buffed up jakals that would run around the outskirts of a map and pop people whenever given the chance. Elite/Foruner raider, witch would lead a small group to try and reclaim a base for themselves. Jakal pirates that might use weapons from the req system.grunt demolitions squad lots of grants and heavy weapons would be awesome.Crawler packs with the pack leader as the boss.or the Flood wold be amazing if you it back. finally thank you for an awesome game even tho its not perfect still love. I am also sorry for long misspeld / punctuated post writing has never been my strong suit.
  • Matchmaking - I find matches very fast. Since I hit triple digit rank, the skill matching is extremely unbalanced (my experience anyway). I'd rather wait then get matched up with a team of gamers below 50. I am in a Spartan Company but still love to play solo. Since Halo 2, I've primarily been a solo player but was never punished as much as I am now.
  • Scoring - I like the scoring. Maybe give some thought to have Warden be the only big ticket boss and lower the others a bit.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill - I am happy with the leveling and energy refill.
  • REQ Level & Cost for Power Weapons & Vehicles - the Ghost Ultra and ONI hog are a bit low. Req stations are SLOW. It's also a pain to scroll through umpteen variants to select the few I use of each weapon.
  • Objectives - I used to treat Warzone like a slayer match. Now I'm big on playing the objective. Someone mentioned in a thread a while back about a Warzone variant that was mainly slayer based with base capping (not Assault). Mix in random, and I mean random, enemies throughout the map for a point each and that would be pretty fun.
  • Bosses - I like the bosses but stealing sucks. Bad. It feels good to steal but sucks to get jacked. LOL. Maybe make the bosses more random. Everyone has the timers down and save reqs/set up accordingly. Games would be more interesting if they were random.
  • Spawning - Hitting a req station at the Fortress and having the option to choose a spawn location would be cool.
  • Core Destruction Gameplay - Maybe incentivize core destruction?
  • Maps - Love the maps. NEED MORE! There should be at least 8! Noctus is my favorite. Apex is my least favorite.
  • Warzone Assault - N/A. Played it once.
  • Intros/Outros - I'd rather have better post-game stats than either but they aren't horrible.
  • Replayability/Longevity – Replayability is there. Almost destroyed everything in my house the other day with the 10 straight games of horrible, butt rape matches. Please adjust the skill matching. Longevity will be there with more MAPS.
  • Favorites - Winning is my favorite thing to do. Getting farmed is my least favorite thing to do.
  • Warzone Assault (Do you like Warzone Assault? Why or why not?)
No. Unless I'm on the defending team that is.

First of all, funneling attackers is just not a good idea. It works MOST of the time in rush in battlefield because attackers have multiple ways to attack most of the time. Vehicles, smoke, air, water, spawn beacons, and often lots of cover, not to mention attackers generally can never access your spawn. Finally, Rush in Battlefield has two objectives meaning defenders always have to split defenses in order to protect both and only consolidate if one is lost or about to be lost. This means that you don't have all 16 players looking down one area . (Not saying it is flawless though, just that it works better IMO)

In Halo WA you basically have one entrance to the objective, maybe two if you are lucky. Then you compound the lack of flanking routes with the funneling I mentioned earlier and issues arise.

Defenders always have higher ground and when you combine this the with easy sightlines and the fact that attackers always have to go a certain path its easy to block and rack up kills and energy. A great example is this is Array.

Taking the spire is often hilariously one sided often times with defender sightlines looking directly at spawns. Sure you can win it and I'd wager its not the most difficult one for attackers and it does highlight the BS that comes with spawn killing/higher ground but its the armory that I really want to highlight.

It literally only has one path with a few hills and trees for cover. Meanwhile attackers have better cover, higher ground, and a rock that can cover every single angle for a attacker trying to move down. All of that plus the fact that they only have to cover ONE angle? I mean, I literally spawn DIRECTLY in the front of enemy sightlines. Why not spawn me in the cave at least? Why spawn me outside of the cave with the armory looking directly at me? Why spawn me in the open with only a tiny hill and a tree for "cover?" it makes no sense. Why isn't that path near the rock open for attackers to use as a flank at least? Does it really upset the balance that much?

People do win that armory but why would anyone from the start think its a good idea to give 12 defenders higher ground, superior cover, better sightlines? The cores are just as bad. Only two entrances, often with little to no cover are not a good idea. Not in Battlefield, not in Halo. Sure you can spawn REQs but there is a problem with that, which brings me to my next point:

If an attacker loses a fuel rod cannon, that is a BIG deal. Attackers generally gain energy slower and more easily. This makes losing REQS a bigger deal most of the time then a defender losing a req of equal value as it is generally easier for them to gain energy through kills and assists.

So not only do defenders have higher ground, better cover, angles, and little to no worries about being flanked. They also usually get energy faster and the benefit of both using that energy more often (to great effect. Defender in an armory with whiplash in Array...) and the benefit of it not hurting as much when you lose the req.
the fact that defenders nearly always have a much higher KDA (Sometimes ridiculously so and often compounded by absolutely -Yoink- spawns. Summit attacker spawn anyone?) and from personal experience win much more often makes it seem horribly unfair IMO.

You can increase the speed in which energy comes all you want. But all it does is give more of an advantage to defenders as long as it is equal.

But let me simplify it. When I play defender I have fun. When I play attacker I feel like quitting as soon as possible because chances are I won't have fun.

Defender = Fun

Attacker = poop

The number one player on our team had seven kills, five assists and still went negative 5. If you are not being farmed why should this happen? Because this is not an uncommon occurrence from my experience.

But I am not a developer. I do not know the full statistics of wins and losses for each map, for each side. I do not know who actually dies more. I do not know the actual reasons for the placement of cover and the decision behind funneling attackers into chokepoint after chokepoint. I'm not going to claim the fix is easy or that I even really know how to fix it. This is just how I feel about it right now. If I am wrong, just tell me I am wrong.

Oh, and on a final note. screwing over attackers with a loss with not even a sliver of the capture ring visible because you have to clear EVERY attacker is infuriating as hell and do not even get me started on the BS with spawning scout hogs to prevent a capture on Summit. Change the spawn for those vehicles to be outside at least.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the BS of being banned from quitting when you are being farmed. Not only do you get punished for trying to play but you get punished for leaving a situation of which you have absolutely no way to fight back.
The Assault game mode consists of a single objective, capture the enemy base. This funnels players into a single location, providing a perfect landscape to promote the behavior of farming kills. To provide more depth, maps would need to be completely designed for this mode and would benefit from multiple preliminary objectives before the attacking team gains access to the enemy base. The 'Invasion' game mode in Halo Reach delivers most of the solutions needed for Assault. I would use that game mode as a starting point to expand from.

We should have maps specifically designed for Assault rather than reappropriating existing Warzone maps to fit that mode. Shaving a square peg to fit into a circular hole will most often leave the outer edges rough. To deliver a truly refined and optimal experience for Assault, something would need to be designed from the ground up.

- This idea would be intended for a single map experience and would not apply to all Assault map designs. Typically we view the enemy base as a static structure, if the base were mobile and could move around the map this could provide some additional depth and variation in gameplay. Imagine that a Covenant SCARAB is the enemy base. The attacking team would need to destroy or control 3 objective points located on the Scarab to open up the interior vault housing the core. The 3 objective points could be located on the Scarab similar to how the turrets needed to be destroyed on the Kraken mission in the campaign. Perhaps the legs of the scarab need to be destroyed bringing the base structure to ground level allowing the attacking team to access the core more prominently. Once the core is destroyed, what better way to end the match than to provide everyone with a nuclear level explosion?

- Similar to 'Invasion' from Halo Reach, Spartans vs Elites Assault would create a more canonical and compelling narrative for gameplay. Our games in Warzone have the ability to continue the storytelling of Halo's expansive universe. Providing players the opportunity to play as Covenant, Promethian, Brute or Flood allows gameplay designers to reenact epic battles from Halo's lore. If one were to play as the Covenant race, the REQ system could offer players to select only vehicles or weapons of that faction to further immerse players into that fiction. REQ points could be applied to unlock powerful characters in addition to weapons and vehicles. Playing as a HUNTER would be the Covenant equivalent of the UNSC Mantis. Following this logic, the design team could provide an opportunity for the players to become the bosses on the field. Grunts and Jackals could fulfill the AI role of the 'marines' for the Covenant team.

- As an additional layer of storytelling, the assassination of a Prophet could be the equivalent to destroying the enemy 'CORE'. The Prophets voice would deliver the objective speech at the beginning of each round when playing as Covenant.

- Include more air vehicles such as the Hornet and Falcon. The UNSC Falcon requires team work to operate making it both powerful and balanced.
- Remove Scout Warthog from REQ inventory, the warthog is a much more suitable vehicle option.
- Include the Revenant from Halo Reach

- Provide unique base designs for Warzone maps. The battle interactions are too repetitive, there is too much design overlap for a large area of gameplay.
Been waiting for a topic like this for a long time.


Matchmaking search times as of right now are great. Whatever MMR restrictions are placed on Warzone is ideally what should be used for all social playlists in Arena too. Ideally teams of 12 would match other teams of 12 but I have no idea how much that would slow down matchmaking times.


I feel like capturing bases show offer some amount of points, Not many as it would give incentive to just focus fully on capturing base and completely ignoring bosses. Apart from that, scoring in its current state is absolutely fine.

REQ Leveling/Energy Refill

In Warzone Assault, players can run out of the garage and the armoury and sacrifice those two bases to get to the final phase of the game quicker. The issue is, the players who capture the bases will usually be left with their AR/Pistol to attack the core with. This results in many players being able to easily defend the core because of their cover advantage which clearly allows them to get more kills, unlocking their Battle Rifles and other REQs faster.

A few Spartan Companies abused this when it initially become public knowledge and resulted in 6-10 minute slaughterfests.

If a base has been capture, offer both teams a bonus in REQ leveling, basically guaranteeing that both teams have access to Level 3 REQs by the time the third phase of the game begins.

REQ Level & Cost for Power Weapons & Vehicles

The Whiplash is an incredibly powerful weapon, even more so than the Arclight. Ideally, the rarities and cost for these weapons should be swapped. It makes too much of a difference early on in the game.

Apart from that, no issue.


I try to partake in every objective I can in Warzone, especially bosses. My biggest issue is not knowing when bosses have spawned when you are a fair distance away from them. The HUD icon simply won't appear until you are really close from them, often resulting in not knowing whether a boss is alive/dead until you go over and check.

Ideally, the HUD icon for bosses should display at all times.


I truly don't know what can be done about this but boss kill stealing is absolutely terrible. Nothing is more annoying than putting so much DPS into a boss, only for the other team to swoop in and steal it. I don't know if anything can be done about this but it's an issue.

Another issue is the way boss assists work. To my knowledge, the only way a player will make progress on a boss commendation is by actually scoring the killing blow on the boss. The way assists work is the last three people to register damage get the 'boss kill' medal.

This needs to change. Anyone who put damage on the boss should be awarded a boss kill assist medal and if you get one of these medals, it should count towards your commendation progress. Right now, my Warden Eternal commendation is sitting on 3/7 at Level 4 because it is near impossible to be credited for Warden kills.


To put it simply - spawning in Warzone and Warzone Assault is absolutely terrible but there are better fixes that re-working the whole mode.


We've all seen the videos of well known Spartan Companies sitting back with power weapons and vehicles just kill farming players who are there to grind out their in-game commendations and Spartan Company kill commendations.

There are a few reasons why they do this:

1. There is zero incentive to actually destroy the core.
2. There is zero incentive to end the game before 10 minutes.
3. The Achilles armour set and helmet is an incredibly grindy task that most players want to get done and out of the way.

I actually thing the spawns in regular Warzone is fine. If you've lost control enough to be trapped in your base, that's fine. The issue is that players have no incentive to destroy the core and instead will just farm against helpless players.

There are a few ways to fix this:

Bonus XP/REQ points for finishing games fast

This should be the obvious answer. It should work like this:

Game starts and the max payout should be something like, 3000 REQ points and 5,000 XP (example numbers).

Every minute that ticks by in the game, the payouts should decrease by a small amount, like so:

0 minute win - 3000 REQ points/4800 XP
1 minute win - 2900 REQ points/4600 XP
2 minute win - 2800 REQ points/4400 XP

You get the idea. Eventually this will stop at around 10 minutes and there will be a blanket offering of 2000 REQ points/3500 XP or so. This way, players are encouraged to win by coring, but still aren't punished if a game goes on for a longer since the payout will be capped at a decent amount.

Never do Achilles or any other type of armour set with kill commendation requirements ever again

Achilles as an idea is great. A unique armour set and helmet that shows how long you've been playing and how many enemies you've killed to get it. However, that's just an idea. The reality is, players see it as an armour that people have farmed for because they are encouraged to. If it were up to me, I'd just remove the Achilles requirements from the game, award everyone the armour and think about a new way to award special armours.

An idea I've had is a special armour set for ending games quickly in both Arena and Warzone. This would encourage players to kill all bosses and try to destroy the enemy core as fast as possible, and encourage people to finish Arena games faster which will result in more intense matchups and riskier plays to end the game.

I know this is loosely related to the spawns but it all ties together. People are spawn killing in Warzone because they have every reason to.

Warzone Assault

So we've all seen the spawn killing videos on Urban with gungooses I'm sure. I don't even know how this made it through testing, it is absolutely insane how players are able to block other spawns and force players to spawn into a single corner and grenade them off their spawn.

While this issue is the worst on Urban, it happens on other maps, especially Dispatch. Defenders will spawn in the tunnel while the attackers can sit on top of the garage and spawn kill them for 6 minutes. Heck, this can last even longer if the attackers decide to capture the garage in the last few seconds and repeat the same behaviour with the garage and finally, the core.

First off, remove infinite grenades for the Gungoose passengers. It makes absolutely zero sense for this to be there and has only offered negatives to gameplay. Players will spawn kill on Urban for example or sit in the core room and spawn grenades at both doorways and all entrances, ensuring that destroying the core is near impossible.


Players shouldn't ever be locked to a singular spawn point. If it ever gets so bad that this happens, the defenders should then start respawning inside of the garage or armoury. This shouldn't be a single spawn point inside of the garage or armoury either, it should be 10-20 spawn points scattered around the building so it is impossible for a player to simply sit near with a gungoose and use the infinite grenades to kill them.


To be continued in the next post since I'm about to hit the character limit.

Don't only spawn players in the tunnel, try and let players spawn at the tunnel, armoury and rock arch. This will allow players who are defending to get back to the garage a lot quicker and make it a lot harder to spawn trap and kill farm.


Spawning vehicles on this map is a little insane. If all 12 players co-ordinate vehicle spawns, it will be near impossible for the attackers to capture the fortress on phase one of the game. Ideally, vehicles should spawn all the way in the base where the core is located.

This would prevent players spawning all their mongooses, scout hogs, etc to prevent a fortress capture.

Core Destruction Gameplay

Love the idea behind core destruction. Most of my games these days will end due to this and it's great to allow players to end games rather than kill bosses and players for the full 20 minutes, especially when it is a complete no-contest.

As I've mentioned earlier, offer incentive to end games faster by destroying the core. Otherwise players will continue to abuse the game mode as they are right now.


Escape from A.R.C. - Warzone

Love everything about this map. Its pathways allowed for vehicles to be used efficiently while on-foot combat is still effective and you can freely move around the map without being swamped by vehicles.

Raid on Apex 7 - Warzone

Not my favourite map, mainly because of the way air vehicles can dominate. The only change I would suggest is the way the little sniper boxes attached to each base works. I'll provide some images for this as it will be a lot easier to explain.

Currently, players are able to sit on the ramp leading up to the sniper boxes, look around outside from the comfort of a shield door, pop out, kill someone and go back behind it and repeat.

Here is where the shield door is currently located
Here is where the shield doors SHOULD be located

I missed it out from the image but both exits on the left and right side should also be covered by the shield door. This way, players can use the sniper box as a way to see what's going on, but not sit back, shoot some shots, hide and repeat again.

March on Stormbreak - Warzone

Love this map as well but it sucks that the map basically comes down to the first boss in the Fortress. I know a lot of players who will sadly just quit if their team doesn't get the first boss kill because they think it's a lost cause. I disagree, of course. I've turned a lot of games around after losing the initial boss rush but it completely kills some peoples motive for the rest of the game.

I don't want the boss to be removed personally but just to throw it out there that some people aren't fans of going down 150 points at the start of the match.

Battle of Noctus - Warzone

No changes in my opinion.

Array - Warzone Assault

Open up the beach and allow players to push the armoury from the beach. Currently it can be incredibly difficult to the armoury when the only path is so open.

Summit - Warzone Assault

Make defender vehicles spawn at the core base in phase one of the game to prevent vehicle spawn spam.

Dispatch - Warzone Assault

Add variety to the defender spawn points. Allow players to spawn in the tunnel, armoury, rock arch and the orange line spawn area where vehicles spawn.

Urban - Warzone Assault

Fix spawn points for defenders to prevent players from being spawn trapped. Allow players to spawn inside of the garage if there are no other options as mention in my previous post.

Warzone Assault

All my issues with Warzone Assault have been listed out across various points already. I love the mode but some important changes need to be made to disallow spawn trapping.


No issue with them, minus the painfully obvious frame rate drops during most of them.


Warzone right now is incredibly fun for me. With the bi-monthly introduction of new maps, it is fun as hell to play over and over, especially when I've got so many power weapons and vehicles to use.

As long as the new maps, new weapons and vehicles keep coming in to freshen up the mode, I'll be playing Warzone for a long time.

  • The ability to completely crush an enemy team by pushing all three bases and destroying their core is probably my most favorite thing to do.
  • The least favorite is seeing kill farming and spawn killing being so prevalent and encouraged due to how the Achilles requirements are and how the only way to achieve max XP/REQ point payouts is to make a game last longer than 10 minutes.

Thanks for reading this whoever does. Warzone is great mode that I love to play with friends and it can only get better from this point.
Spawning/Maps - While playing on March on Stormbreak earlier today, blue team, my team, was trying to capture the fortress, which was controlled by red team. After clearing almost everyone out of the area, one red player remained, but blue team was unable to kill said player because said player had spawned on the vehicle ramp behind the shield that bullets cannot penetrate. Said player remained behind that shield for an extended duration and was still within the capturing zone, thus preventing blue team from actually capturing the base despite having eliminated all enemy forces from the playable area. I would suggest either removing spawns from that ramp, or making that area be outside of the capture zone. I don't mind having spawn points on the ramp, but it needs to be outside of the capturing zone if players are going to spawn where enemies can't hit them.
Warzone Assault Yes, I like it. Or I did, the few times I was able to play it. I can't remember the last time I was able to find a game in this playlist, and this has been an issue for so many of us for so long. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Let me preface my post by saying that I agree 100% with both Warholic's and The Little Moa's sentiments on Warzone and Warzone Assault. Read their feedback, then come back to mine.

First let me talk about Warzone Assault, because it is quicker to tear this mode to shreds. This mode is bad, and I'm quite confident that people only play it because matches are quick pubstomps that award generous amounts of RP. As Warholic said, this mode needs a serious overhaul. It needs to be unique, like invasion. Let one team play as Covenant elites, design maps that require the capture of multiple bases simultaneously to prevent funneling into one zone. Invasion is the perfect framework, use it.

Now, on to Warzone. The Little Moa covered this in much greater depth so I'm just going to touch on something that I feel he missed. Something important to the longevity of the mode, especially with Firefight coming later this year. That, my friends, involves AI enemies and bosses. Plain and simple, this AI is so boring and repetitive it drives me nuts. I've stopped playing Warzone because it is practically just Big Team Battle 1.5. And here's the deal, there are some easy solutions to this problem.

1.) Randomly spawned bosses/boss movement - Let them roam around the map, vary their spawn locations

2.) Enemy variety - there are only so many times I can kill the elite general until I get bored. I went through the campaign recently and made some notes on enemies. It contains about 3-4 grunt variants, 5 elites, 2-3 jackals, hunters, 2 soldier models, 2 knight models, and 2 crawlers. Yet only about 1/3 of all of these models are used in Warzone. Little things like changing the look/load out of the Elite General could go a long way. Or, just add some new enemy type spawns for variety. For example:
- Grunt Suicide Squad
- Elite Ranger Squad + mix of ranger grunts/jackals
- Hunter Duo
- Soldier Warthogs -they can drive in the campaign...
- Rogue Marines - you could use the Meridian campaign models here for variety
- Elite Heretics - mix of Rangers, zealots, officers, generals, minors with human weaponry
My point is, you've got all of these beautiful models for Covenant, Marines, and Prometheans, yet only a handful show up outside of Campaign. This shouldn't be, as it promotes variety in Warzone AND Firefight.

3.) New content - obviously new maps would help with enjoyment and longevity, and I agree that 8 maps would be the sweet spot. However, I assume this is not the feedback you're looking for. Instead I'd like to propose new bosses. (PLEASE spare me another Warden.)
- Scarab, unlikely option given map collision conflicts, but I figured I'd toss it out there.
- Spirit/Phantom - how come we're never tasked with shooting down dropships? Would be interesting, IMO.
- Brute Chieftain - kill 2 birds with one stone, give the fans their beloved Brutes back to match the Hammer, and add variety to the boss system.

Anyways, those are my two cents on Warzone. It has loads of potential, but as of right now, I have no real incentive to play and BTB is still more fun to me. Variety is the spice of life, and evidently the missing piece of Warzone. If anything looks weird, it's cause I'm on mobile. Sorry.
So few replies so far : )
•Matchmaking - no problems at all rly. For 24 players it all comes together quickly. I can't quite say if a miss balance of skill or communication within the teams but most of my games seem to be one-sided.
•Scoring - I don't think it's all that bad other than maybe the legendary bosses are a little too valuable with how the points are given (the whole last shot deal). Didn't even know we were rewarded for base captures. I'd change the legendary point system to a "most damage done" deal; when the boss's health depletes it is replaced by a colored bar showing which team either dealt a large chunk of damage or simply a right and left half with a rug of war and the winning team has their color slightly bolder with the full points going to the team with the most damage done with a possible exception say if the last 20-25% is dealt by one team only.
•Req leveling - I'd say it is a little too fast. Most players can usually find themselves with a BR in hand before the central base is ever captured. Usually this works against me staying alive long enough to be mostly isolated in the central base with an assault rifle and pistol and no access to a req station. It's always possible to win that match up but I feel at a disadvantage against someone who simply died and had the opportunity to respawn with a more ranged weapon. Other than that unless if I'm on the losing team and it's a shut out then I usually feel like I am earning appropriate level weapons at a decent time through the match.
•Req Costs - the Ghost Ultra and Oni Warthog feel a little overpowered for how early they can be spawned or how close to the weaker versions their cost is. If there was a slightly higher hill to move up from level 2-3 access I feel it wouldn't be as bad. Most costs don't seem to bug me though.
•Bosses - boss battles have become rather bland to me lately simply because it is the same bosses in the same spaces with the same weapons and abilities etc. Even with map rotation it all kind of blends together. I'd like to see more diversity in weapons and behavoir. Such as if Soldiers guarded the knight champion more aggressively from damage instead of mostly fighting on their own, allowing players to ignore them entirely. Or simply letting the bosses have different weapons or if on occasion the elite bosses would have an oversheild or the tilt (I think) modifier active. And these could be worth the same or more points just something different would help make it more enjoyable to kill a boss instead of a feeling like a chore or like I'm being drug away from the action. Also the wraith officer on Stormbreak is a bit overpowered for 25 points and it really sucks that it's really only open to the team that has the fortress instead of in the back of the map where The Warden is
•Objectives - Ithe simply depends on how my team plays. As a lone wolf player I will either kill the enemy team if my team wants to pursue the objectives. Or I will go for the goals myself otherwise it's all good.
•Spawning - no real issue other than I've almost spawned off the cliff a few times in stormbreak or I simply spawn in a sightline of 2 or more enemies on ARC. I like the vehicle spawns but I wish I could choose a base to spawn from if more than one option is available. Such as spawning a tank from the home base so I don't get boarded as soon as it spawns effectively wasting 6 points and a good req. card.
•Cores - it's a pretty solid system other than I have never once made the "capture all bases and destroy the core for a comeback" play.
•Maps - I really loved the addition of Battle of Noctus. One of my favorite maps to play on however I do wish there was a little more room for vehicles with a little more cover. ARC is one of my least favorites simply because far too many times I've had 4+ players from the enemy team rush our closest armory and capture it effectively shutting us out of the entire map and ending the game far too quickly to be enjoyed or simoly taking their time to make it a slaughter-fest. Maybe if the armory had a wall till it was captured. I can definitely respect this strategy on any other map such as Apex, but here it just feels far too easy and as though it occurs far too often. I also with Apex was a little more symmetrical. One team has 2 ramps leading to the sides of the spire with a near perfect sightly to the opposite armory and it feels a bit one sided.
•Assault - I don't play it much at all. It's too repetitive and I usually get stuck playing one objective over and over. Also the capture any armory for a timer reset bug is just dumb. And the simply spawn an mongoose or ghost or scouthog to respawn in the base and prevent it's capture is just as dumb. Though I am guilty of abusing this one. I do wish we had something more similar to the "Invasion" game-type from Halo: Reach.
•Intros & Outros - I like them but with there was a little more story to them for nonsense reasons or different lines. Otherwise I'd like them shortened cause it's repetitive; however I like the build-up it provides. The outro simply needs more. It's too short and too boring.
•Replayability - I find myself coming back to it often. The closer call matches I do get are really enjoyable and I as I continue to unlock new reqs I will continue to return. As a hoarder it hard for me to ever spend my 1 Mantis req. ( I don't have the license for it. I just got lucky on a pack) until I have more so I know I can spend use it again later if the match needs it.
•Favorites - not picky really all of it is fun. Otherwise I like trying all the different weapons and vehicles.
Extra stuff sorry to say there is a bit to add.
1) I would like the plasma pistol to be more of a weapon than a tool. For the fire rate to be more solid and less likely to cease. And to have the Talon of the Lost be more effective. It simply has never been worth it to me to use on a vehicle as I would likely die regardless or not have needed it. AN ARMOR MOD THAT LET'S ME MOVE MORE SWIFTLY WITH A TURRET! I would very very much appreciate that as that was one of my favorite load loadouts in Halo 4.
2) Maps that would encourage either aircraft (maybe a Hornet would be a nice addition. Or for particular maps Phantoms and Pelicans available) use over islands or cliffs. And maps that would encourage massive, multivehicle battles like Noctus but more of a push back and forth and less of a chase in a circle. Like Stormbreak but with more room and longer sight lines.
Finally thank you 343I for the opportunity to tell you guys how we feel and what we think and for listening to our feedback and simply sharing this awesome game with us : 3 much thanks
PART 1 (Was too big for one post)
  • Matchmaking - Matches are found fairly quickly, although they are only balanced maybe about half of the time. The main issue seems to be that teams composed entirely of randomly matched players who usually aren't communicating often get matched against entire fireteams composed of 8 or more players, and in such a team focused mode it becomes incredibly easy to tell when this happens due to overwhelming advantage. A return to Halo 3's old mechanic of only matching groups of similar size would go a long way towards fixing this particular issue.
  • Scoring - Scoring seems to be right where it needs to, bar a single thing which will tie into the section below. While Legendary bosses seem to be worth an appropriate amount, the games simply don't feel quite on point. Late game REQs rarely have any time to really be used, and it simply isn't worth it to pull out a Mantis or Phaeton when you only have three minutes at most to use it in Assault or if the score is only 30 points away from ending the game. Raising the overall score to win by a certain amount would go a long way towards fixing that particular issue.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill - Again, to tie into the above. Both issues are largely linked in that the REQ leveling rate feels right on point and perfectly paced. Any faster would result in extremely powerful REQs being used long before late game bosses appear, but any slower and few people would ever unlock them before the game ends. REQ leveling doesn't feel like it needs to be changed as much as game length. Energy Refill, though, probably could use a slight buff, if only slightly so to encourage REQ use.
  • REQ Level & Cost for Power Weapons & Vehicles - Lower the energy cost for Mantises. While they're a bit more maneuverable, the fact that they can be boarded from any angle and that they are far more fragile than they were in Halo 4 means they simply aren't worth using compared to the Scorpion, which comes in at only 6 REQ to a Mantis' 7 or 8. While the ONI Mantis feels right where it should be for balancing, the other Mantis models simply don't kill fast enough with their chaingun and their missiles lacking a lock on feature for anything beyond aircraft (on top of being forced to fire all 5 at once in a randomized spread) really reduces overall combat potential. The Mantis stomp, likewise, simply isn't fast enough to counter Spartans attempting to board it unless they're spotted several seconds in advance which is incredibly difficult in Warzone's chaos. Lowering the default and Corporate/Urban to the 5 or 6 REQs of the respective tanks (most of which can kill Mantises in only one or two shots, far faster than the Mantis can kill them) would definitely encourage use without breaking balance as that is also the point that Spartan Lasers, Fuel Rods, Rocket Launchers and weapons with other explosive munitions become available. Beyond that, maybe just minor tweaks on a few oddities like the Halo CE Magnum, which feels more like a REQ 4/5 weapon similar to Whispered Truth - similar effects, similar time to kill, with the Magnum better at mid to long range and Truth more effective in close quarters.
  • Objectives - I personally play the objectives. If I wanted Big Team Slayer I would go into that game mode - Warzone is something different, and the fact that you lose if you don't play the objectives is a rewarding if somewhat frustrating experience. Rewarding when you have a team that cooperates, frustrating when you have one that doesn't. I do feel that slightly more varied objectives may go a long way towards keeping the game mode alive, though, and allowing for different styles of gameplay. Right now the only factors are bosses (offensive) and base capturing/defending, something which becomes largely static midgame unless one team is explicitly trying to core the other.
  • Bosses - Bosses seem to be close to where they should be. Close, but not quite there. The biggest issue I've seen with them is that they simply don't miss. Banshees regularly kill infantry without a chance to dodge or react (with Fuel Rods often seeming to track people not in vehicles), and oftentimes high ranking Elites will somehow mow down a person who is directly behind them just as fast. Banshees and Elites on foot are frankly the biggest issues in that regard, although the second not quite to the same degree - I just personally feel that a Banshee able to instantly kill an ONI vehicle, driver, gunner and passenger included with a single Fuel Rod shot that can't be dodged or avoided is a bit much. Beyond that, however, Warden/Knights/Wraiths/Soldiers/Hunters/Ghosts all seem to be exactly where they should be in terms of strength and durability, although larger mobs spawning with the Covenant drops would probably allow for much more fun scenarios - forcing people to fight through a larger escort force would also help solve the issue of kill stealing as that kind of chaos is dangerous enough that you're hard pressed just to defend yourself. Additionally, as mentioned by others - a Scarab fight would be amazing, and honestly sell Warzone off to a lot of people who might otherwise avoid it. Unlikely short of maybe Firefight due to map constraints, but it's been one of the big things that hasn't really been done since the days of Halo 3, yet arguably one of the most fun experiences of the franchise. Beefing the Scarab up to make it into the monster it's portrayed as for 12 to 24 player games so as to force a tactically driven assault by an entire team would be probably one of the defining experiences of Halo 5's multiplayer, at least in my personal opinion.
  • Spawning - Shorter respawns. Ten seconds is far too long given Warzone's lethality. Likewise, vehicle spawns also need tweaking, particularly on Assault - far too often I've seen a REQ 6 or 7 vehicle spawned in only for it to be instantly killed by someone sitting right over the plate they spawn on outside garage, in a position that can't be seen or countered until the driver is already dead.
  • Core Destruction Gameplay - I do, as it offers multiple tactics and viable strategies. Things should be done to change conditions, however, such as a time limit on how long defenses are down or a penalty to teams who take too long to destroy the enemy core - this would go a long way towards fixing the issue of people pushing teams back to base and farming them on maps like Escape from ARC. More to the point, give those defending teams a far better chance of fighting back as it becomes an almost impossible uphill battle on such maps as the entire team becomes forced into an easy to manage bottleneck for the attackers.
  • Maps - Warzone currently has two good maps and two bad ones. The good - Noctis and Apex 7. The bad would be ARC and Stormbreak. What the bad have in common is that both maps are effectively a giant corridor from one end to the other, and whenever a team takes a base they generally keep unless teams are perfectly balanced. What this means is that almost without exception the team with even the slightest edge tends to simply push their opponent back into their home base, and then just farms them without bothering to go for the core. As the map's base locations are largely linear, this means that the defending team can't leave home base without running into a massive meat grinder as the attackers simply set up shop outside of the front door because that's the only area they need to care about. Apex 7 and to a lesser extent Noctis both fix this issue. Apex 7 does it by giving an alternate means of leaving the base and a direct shot to the center of the map - if any team does manage to capture all three bases and attempts to simply camp outside the front doors to home base, they risk leaving one of the outposts in the center of the map undefended and potentially allow for the defenders to turn the tables on them. Noctis does it by having a large, nonlinear centralized area, something that also corrects the problem of leaving vehicles from the defending team unable to mount any form of legitimate offensive against the attackers' bases. Bigger maps overall, though, would be greatly appreciated, as would far more urbanized combat akin to Reach or Halo 2/3's city levels.
  • Warzone Assault - I appreciate the gametype, although spawns could probably use fixing. It becomes all too easy for either side to turn spawn points for the opposing team into metaphorical barrels where the people spawn and then become trapped. The maps DO have a system in place to allow players to begin spawning elsewhere if their spawn is pressed too hard, but it's easily abusable. Best example of this is probably Summit - the attackers spawn from a lower area, but the line that the defending team crosses is obvious enough that simply by hanging back or parking a Warthog on top of the slope they can completely dominate the spawn without allowing the other team to spawn elsewhere. Making these alternate spawn locations an option rather than forcing the matter would somewhat correct the issue by making the enemy team far less predictable and punishing defenders for leaving their objective, but better terrain advantage like higher ground would also encourage defenders to stay inside of their base.
  • Intros/Outros - Don't really care about these either way, honestly.
  • Replayability/Longevity – I still play it, although not nearly as often as I used to. Once again, the introduction of new objectives to vary up gameplay and possibly randomizing bosses would go a long way towards injecting a bit of additional replay value. Alternatively completely new modes such as the Firefight due in a future update, although the option of playing solo a la Reach's Score Attack or Spartan Ops likewise would not go amiss. Additionally, adding more vehicles (not simply reskins) would greatly increase replay value - with the sheer number of people in each game there is tremendous potential for Falcon, Pelican and Phantom use. Other old variants such as the anti air Wraith or outright replacing the Scout Hog with the Troop Transport Warthog would also increase play options and, with the latter, encourage more tactical gameplay.
  • Favorites - Fighting AI opponents, as Halo's is some of the most robust and reactive I've yet to see anywhere else. Least favorite bit, honestly, is when it turns into a match meant purely for farming or slayer style gameplay - if I wanted either of those I would go to another game mode, and nothing manages to irritate and kill my desire to play the game as much as spending seven to ten minutes constantly respawning at home base only to be punished for playing.
Matchmaking: Matches are quick. I used to get a lot of farming matches (and I mean a LOT) but I have only had four or five in the last week or two.

Scoring: Boss kill credits are definitely weird. I think that the representative score given to individual players could do more to reward spartan kills. Somebody who makes a huge contribution to the game might be at the bottom of the scoreboard if he only takes down one or two bosses, even with 40 spartan kills.

Req leveling: Sometimes gaining levels feels too fast. Energy refill is good, but I feel like sometimes the window of opportunity for some pieces of equipment is too short. There used to be an element to warzone matches where the player who reached req 5 the fastest had the best shot at the first legendary boss. This isn't really the case anymore, as it's very easy to reach req 6 by 6 minutes. It's better than when it was super slow on the high end, but perhaps the middle is a little too quick.

Cost: If the Mantis doesn't get a huge buff it needs to be req 5. It can't come out after its hard counters (wraith + scorpion + spartan laser + railgun). Whiplash should be req 5. Plasma pistol should probably be higher. Gauss hogs and rocket hogs should be lower.

Objectives: I like the objective gameplay. I think it adds a strategic layer that rewards players who are thinking ahead. I usually only really play extensively for spartan kills if I feel like working on a commendation.

Bosses: There are only a couple little things that I think need to be tweaked. One is the warden's health pool. While I like the idea of having him be difficult to kill, I think it's frustrating that it's so difficult to tell when he's within range of being killed. If I'm in a scorpion I'm still throwing a blind guess as to when I should fire if I want to get the kill credit for my commendation. Either open up the commendation so it tracks the medal rather than the final shot, or make a better visual indicator for his health level.
The other issue with bosses is annoying behavior. The Warden's EMP spam is one example- it punishes people who are doing a good job and getting damage on him. Another is the rare banshee 360-no-scope- sometimes the banshee bosses kind of glitch into a little 180 spin and fire an impossibly accurate, undodgeable banshee bomb from halfway across the map for no reason whatsoever. Lastly, the aggro formula sends AI after aerial vehicles way too aggressively.

It might be interesting to spawn more pockets of AI around the map. Not bosses, just some elites, grunts, jackals, soldiers, watchers, and crawlers. It would make commendation grinding easier and help fill out space a little bit.

Spawning: You NEED to be able to specify vehicle spawn locations. It's outrageous that even with home base selected I get spawned outside of the garage that I know the enemy team is camping.

Core Destruction: In theory I like it, but in practice it allows for warzone farming, which sucks.

Maps: I think the maps have good variety. The tendency for the scorpion to get stuck against tiny little things on noctus is a little annoying, but for the most part the maps are good. Escape from ARC plays a little bit too fast for my liking at times, but I have had great games there as well and it isn't always a triple cap. Urban has the worst spawns of any FPS ever, but you already know that.

Assault: I think it's a necessary game mode, even if it isn't really perfect. It's basically built around spawn killing, but it's my favorite casual gametype because it focuses on infantry and I don't have to worry too much about using reqs.

Cutscenes: Don't care.

Replayability: Replayability is good for me. I have a lot of reqs, and thus I get a variety of experiences by using different weapons and vehicles. If I want to I can play slayer with a whiplash, vehicle hunt with a spartan laser (please don't buff), or go on a boss rampage with a scorpion. On the other hand, when I play with friends who have very few reqs they have a terrible time because everybody else has an equipment advantage. This is so discouraging that they basically give up on warzone.

Favorite thing: A well played vehicle req. I think my first phaeton use in which I killed a scorpion, wraith, and warden eternal in addition to a couple spartans was one of my favorite Halo moments of all time. There is something uniquely satisfying about getting a killing spree with a vehicle req.

Least favorite thing: Playing out a farming match. It's thoroughly unenjoyable.
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