In every previous Halo, few things were as equally frustrating and satisfying than a good stick. In Halo 5 they seem strangely rare. Anybody else notice this? Am I missing something?
Mhmm, not really. I myself has had quite some good sticks. It really just depends on the map and if the action is happening where the stickies are.
They aren't heat seeking. In hce and h2, plasma nades didn't have heat seeking so you had to be accurate. In h3, reach, and h4, they heat seeked, so that's why you would see those really stupid 180 degree turn around sticks.

Another reason is that very few people rely on the stickies, and most maps have 2-4 of them on it, so they rarely are used.
I have been much worse with stickies in this game than I was in halo 2. They just feel a lot slower than I remember. Even the throwing animation feels like it takes way too long from when I press the trigger until the sticky is out of my hand. It may be that they are the same speed but the entire game has sped up so the are relatively slower.
All good points. Didn't realize they used to be heat seeking, always thought that weird movement was latency. Thruster packs are a game changer.
I just really on splinter grenades more. When in a situation that would have called for a sticky in past halos, my gut instinct is to throw a splinter now. I actually path the maps in a way that keeps me stocked for them.
For real I swear my sticky grenades will go right through their body.... Even through a warthog. It just seems off
I too have noticed some odd things and things feel off. I did once throw a sticky and got a hail marry stick from quarter of the map on truth.
Yeah I feel like there are much less sticky's scattered throughout the maps and they feel much less powerful compared to other Halo games. Not to say I haven't got a few lucky sticky kills to the foot hehe.
I always forget I have them or that they're on the map :/ I'm glad you bring this up because now I'll try and use them and see what how they are.
It's much harder to stick people I'm Halo 5. I've only stuck been stuck like 5 times. Maybe it' the increased mobility.
I agree I have a lot fewer kills with them than ever before and deaths as well.
I have been on the receiving end of only a few cheeky sticks but other than that it rarely happens.
I stick people just fine. What I want to know is why they don't stick to walls anymore. In this game, they don't stick until bouncing at least once, unless they hit the floor or a person.
i wish sticky were faster
I've gotten plenty of sticks. I just hate that they are not in warzone unless picked up from a dead elite.