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Where is Alpha zombies?

OP Ywre

Now I know this might get some hate as Unyshek already confirmed It will return as a permanent playlist. However in typical 343 fashion this seems to be taking forever and many of us are beginning to wonder if it will ever actually return? I understand that it wasn't included in the previous update so infection reverted back to normal, however a month later is really pushing it. The infection playlist has been neglected right from the start and people will only hang around for so long before getting bored and moving on to another game. This is not intended to be rude but I hope if anyone from 343 reads this, you understand how frustrated the majority of players are in the infection community. PLEASE don't make us wait any longer for alpha zombies.

One other thing that really needs a change is the map rotation. Youtubers such as trypal and unknown emerald have already done all the work for you by making maps play testing them with the community and posting them to YouTube and they play amazingly. It would be gutting for these not to make it into the rotation at some point. We're not asking you to even playtest them. That's all been done for you already. I cannot see any reason why infection shouldn't have alpha zombies added back with a few maps and in good timing. I understand you guys at 343 are busy but infection has been SO neglected. This has become a classic playlist in halo with its own community and so far no where near enough has been done to help it grow.

We have to wait long enough for updates in the infection playlist and it's about time it had a BIG update.
PLEASE don't ignore this
honestly agree with you man, h5 inf is dying and they really need something new...
Alpha Zombies worked far better as a gamemode as each map ran smoothly and there were no dead rounds unlike in Infection. AZ was fair was in infection you have to get a lucky spawn to get the weapons, and a be lucky to get a good mao that works. AZ worked with all maps and everything within game felt perfect and balanced. Especially since the add of the 1 shot headshot AR, AZ just seems like paradise.
Alpha zombies was god like.
Alpha zombies was god like.
like u in infection
Yeah I agree If you guys want to go see my new post for the MMR fix and the Alpha Zombies permanent game mode go find my post called Infection Community MMR.
Yeah, I really don't see why 343 felt the need to take out content from a 2+ year old game, especially for a gamemode that hasn't had any significant changes for such a long time. Alpha Zombies was so refreshing for the Infection playlist, and absolutely needs to return.
Hey all – Alpha Zombies has returned to the Infection playlist as of this morning. Thanks for your patience! The Alpha Zombies game type had a bug that caused players to lose connection with the game server as they loaded into the map. We caught this in internal testing prior to the Overtime update, which is why it was temporarily removed. Tracking down exactly why this was happening took a bit longer than we expected, but we identified the issue and are happy to have it back in rotation. (If you’re curious, the issue was a side effect of the improvements we made to the join-in-progress system and how that code interacted with the unique Team system used in Infection.) Enjoy!