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Why do people create new accounts for arena?

OP Campbzll

ive been playing arena for a while now and every game i get atleast 2-4 people in the match who finish top or carry there team yet there spartan ranks are only 5-20. its clear that this isnt there main account but it baffles me why people would want to start new accounts constantly rather than play on there main?
I think it's more or less to show off but I don't really see a reason to make so many accounts. Games are there for entertainment and the world would not end if you lose a single match.
I have no idea, I hate playing with lower ranks. or I guess a better term would be inexperienced because there are plenty of good people with low ranks that don't do things to rank up. but whenever I play on my secondary profile (usually because my little brother is using the main LimyMage918 profile for destiny) I always get stuck with people that have no idea what they're doing so everyone resorts to camping, usually with explosives. one guy on my team couldn't even camp correctly as he sat in a corner waiting for someone to come around but he was completely exposed.
It can be because they want easier matches or they just want to stomp on people so they use a smurf account. It could also be because they can't find a game on their main account most likely because they're ranked too high and there aren't enough people playing in their skill range.
1. Bypass bans
2. Main account MMR is so high they can't get a game, a very big issue even in the non ranked modes.
3. Simply to get easier challenge and pub stump
4. Easier to play with lower skilled friends, could apply this with #3 as well.
5. Way to practice without hurting the main account stats

thats about it really. I will say just cause you see a SR rank 1-20 doesn't just make them a smurf when they're doing good. You're better off going by their gamer score cause even 1-20s can be decent, it's not a hard game to pick up on really.
HaXoR73 wrote:
You've had the misfortune of running into a bunch of smurf accounts. Nas' video should prove very informative regarding these kind of players.
After watching that video I don't understand why someone would continue an activity that constantly gives them such an unpleasant experience. It pretty much demonstrates every negative aspect of human, social interaction. The inmates are running the asylum and good players with any integrity suffer or go elsewhere.
It's irritating running into smurf accounts while trying to play arena. Since then I gave up on arena