In majority of missions there are adiutants assigned to the protagonist. While it is a nice idea in general terms, underlining how well the game is made, in most cases I find these characters simply annoying, especially in operations with big stealth maneuvers possibilities, as they alert the enemy when the player is trying to pull some covert steps. Perhaps there should be an option to simply tell these adiutants to retire, choosing whether one wants an assistance or not.
In this game the score matters, and these dudes, the adiutants, simply take away points from the player killing stuff presumably in his favour. The only things they are good for is warning that enemy is in vicinity and occasionally taking damage instead of the protagonist. Otherwise they are mispurposed, serving purely aesthetic level reasons. I do understand some people could wish to have helpers if their strategy is tough sudden massive attack, which is recommendable in some missions to make rapid kill score boost, where the adiutants could come in handy to lessen the enemy focus on the protagonist. That is why perhaps an option whether one does want an assistance or not should be considered for any kind of future releases where such criteria as the mentioned ones apply. Basically anything that arbitrarily takes away the chance to earn points for the player should be negotiable. The same applies to autosentry turrets and seeker drones, which kill without giving the player any benefit apart from getting rid of the enemy, which is some way to get through the level but is a way leading to nowhere when it comes to quality of level completion.