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Cant unlock Extra Credit (Windows Phone)?

OP DeathBringer221

Hello Everyone,

I just got the game for my windows phone and no weekly challenges are available for me to pop the extra credit achievement since I have completed the game on other platforms. Does this mean its impossible for me to get this achievement? Are there no more weekly challenges for the windows phone version? =[
Same issue. There must be something you can do.
Any idea when the last weekly challenge for windows phone was available?
Nope. It sounds like some people did weekly challenges in 2017 at some point. I really hope they bring them back.
Hey in case you guys still need it the weekly challenges are back and both achievements just popped for me as soon as I completed one! =D
It appears that the weekly challenges are gone again. Can we please get another round of weekly challenges for all of the people with glitched "Extra Credit" achievements?