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GASO alternative requirements

OP GinningSquid712

I was thinking that GASO badge should be displayed on the profiles of those only who have obtained 100% game completion, under the additional circumstance of having done the weekly achievements set. Which means, the GASO badge would turn on as soon as weekly achievements set is completed, on top of all the rest of the ingame challenges checked. GASO would turn off as soon as the expiry time for doing a consecutive next set comes to an end, noticing a failure in completion of it. For example, Wednesday I complete the regular weekly set, having already 100%-ed the game earlier, so I get the GASO. Then the next set of achievements comes on Monday and I still have GASO from the previous week, lasting until the time for doing this another set expires on Sunday midnight. If I do this next set, GASO carries over to another week on the same basis as with the previous one, but if I forfeit, I return to regular game completion mark.

I think this is a good solution because it provides an independent motivation to keep up doing weekly challenges. GASO, becoming more exclusive, would signify certain continuous dedication given to the title, making it more than just another achievement, but truly a badge of honor as far as it gets on Waypoint.