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OP GinningSquid712

Halo: Spartan Annihilation. Third game in the Spartan Bundle. Boys say go. Just skip New Mombasa.

It is not enough to defeat the enemy, he must be annihilated.
- Unknown Space Marine Commander

When it comes to the Spartan Bundle, each of the specific titles the games differ with I take as a name of a dedicated military branch. Therefore, "Assault" to my imagination is the avantgarde spec-ops commando, operating independent on enemy ground. "Strike" is the main body attack force, the pacifying fist of the UNSC, oftentimes employing vehicles and orbital reinforcements in warfare. "Annihilation", what should that be? It is the third round of the match. This way we could tell, "Assaut" comes first and softens up the opponent, hindering his logistics and tangling the ways. Then comes the "Strike", dealing with frontal collision against the enemy central mass. Then comes the "Annihilation", enforcing the UNSC victory through seeking and destroying guerilla groups or other lingering motivated hostile remnants, securing the ground once the "Strike" has broken down the enemy solidity. Due to this plan, no Spartan force is bound to long term presence on the battlefield - save maybe for the "Assault", depending on the mission length - specializing instead in certain maneuvers that when done, give field to another branch of operations.

In number of participants, "Assault" is the smallest section but also technologically most augmented per soldier, as well as most heavily trained, preferably employing specialized light tier equipment. "Strike" is the biggest in numbers, also having access to greatest variety of weaponry, including heavy devices such as tanks and tactical bombardments. "Annihilation" is somewhere in the middle, perhaps ranging from a quarter to one third of the "Strike" size, relaying on common tested solutions in tearing and hunting down remaining opposition.

But apart from all this speculation mismatching the game themes, just make a third installment in the series, to have a trio, but remember there were four riders of the apocalypse.