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How long does it take to %100 this game?

OP Jaeger0767

Just finishing up Reach on solo Legendary. Need a new Halo to %100. Was looking at SA or Halo 5.
it will take so long
SA will be faster than H5
You’ll need a co-op partner to 100% it. It shouldn’t take more than 30 hours to complete.
Spartan Assault is super easy it may take a day or two maybe 3. If you're still thinking about getting the game and are really into halo franchise I'd suggest playing this game it's a cool side game and maybe you'll be interested in halo wars 1 or 2 if you haven't gotten them already but 100% SA is very easy. You may need help with co-op just invite a friend or look on the forums for help I can also help :)