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Is it worth buying?

OP Gold Paladin101

I'm not sure about this game, it looks fun. But i've got mixed feelings about it from the trailer. I like that it has a bit of a birds eye view just like Halo Wars. But i wanna see what the community thinks of Spartan Assault and if it's worth buying or not.
Well I got that game in 2015, but I still haven't finished it, because my Nokia Lumia got broken.
It was fun game to play but got pretty boring in last missions.
I haven't played it on Xbox so I don't know much about the Flood firefight.
I have it on PC. Taking how well the game is made, the price of roughly three Euro is almost negligible. Check it out if you feel an itch to do it. On the other hand, the game is quite repetitive and the perfectionist run of completing all the achievements requires rather tedious replaying of the same levels over again, simply to collect the trophies. One advice; if you buy a boost or special weapons for experience points only to gain the trophies, but you already have gained a golden star for the level, abort the mission before completing it in a way to restart it from the pause menu. This way, you will maintain your boosts, but the trophies from the aborted mission still will be counted in to the achievement score. Also, the game is clearly designed to be played with a gaming console controller. The keyboard+mouse way of functioning can feel clunky in gameplay.
for a halo mobile game at the cost its worth it.
no it a wast of 5 $
Yes it is worth
because if you halo 4 on Xbox 360 the game give you exclusive halo 4 armor skin and stance
I honestly don't know whether it is worth playing over any of the other games.
$5.00 for a 30 mission Campaign (I think 30 more for Co-op) is definitely worth it. If you are wondering how Commander Palmer is in halo 4 than this game will explain it.
It’s definitely got enough content to back up your money. It’s fairly fun too. One thing that pretty much all mobile games are guilty of is making a game grindy and not fun unless you pay up. That’s not the case here. You can get through the game without putting a dime down, though you won’t get to use every weapon so that’s a small trade off. It’s challenging, but again does not require extra money for success. Plus there’s a good amount of co-op stuff.

The only question that remains is whether or not you’ll find its top-down style to be fun.