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Is the game worth getting?

OP Riftocity

About how many hours of game play are there in this game, I'd say this and Halo Wars 2 are the only Halo games I haven't played, and I was wanting to know if I should get this, like would I be missing out out on anything if I don't?
I can't remember how long it was, but I personally enjoyed it and think it's worth getting. It gives some small amount of backstory regarding Commander Palmer.
It is a very nice little game absolutely worth the price of three Euro just for the marvelous level design and ability of protagonist to effectively use vehicles, turrets, loot enemy weapons, but it is also a short game indeed. It is a bit tedious and blank in experience on the longer run but it is astoundingly well made in the technical aspect. On the negative side, SpartanAssault teaches you nothing significant about the Halo universe, at least nothing of better use for a newcomer, so keep in mind that in the end it is just a good formula for an isometric perspective or a topdown shooter that could eventually work with any modern military type of franchise or theme.
If you want more history and for Xbox users... you can get 800/1000 of the posible achievements in 1 or 2 days