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Revive Spartan Assault

OP PeachedCrane60

Personally , I LOVED Halo Spartan Assault but I got it when it was free on Gold and by then the multiplayer was dead and I wanted to play it as it mentioned the Flood. So what I'm asking the Halo community to do I revive its multiplayer. Yes its not a FPS Or RTS but it does have the original art style, the backstory of everyone's favourite, Sarah Palmer, and another Spartan. It tells the story of Palmer through a training simulation and has a few Halo Wars 1 vehicles like the Grisly or Wolverine. This Top Down shooter is long as well so if your bored with HW2 or Halo 5 play this, and if you have Gold, its FREE!!!! Also, this is really just so I can play its multiplayer.....
halo spartan assault is a very nice title to play when you want to detach from other halo
very good story
I wish someone was online for Co-op in this, hey if you got XB then feel free to contact me and I'll play it with you.
This is more of a general point, but if to aim to make a multiplayer more vivid, first, the ultimate cross-platform approach is better than detached platforms, meaning people from all around can play together. Second, multiplayer must be accessible to all, right, instead of only the few who have the correct game version or something, which is also the case of compatibility. Third, the online gameplay and setup must be accessible, which is rather the question of design and that bit of luck with catching up to the audience expectations. Last thing, multiplayer always fails compared to legendary singleplayer creations, so this is a question of where does one want to focus the developmental energy, minding that something absent falls better than something poorly made.