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Shared screen / split screen

OP GinningSquid712

Split screen is one way for two players to play a game simultaneously on the same machine, using separate controllers. What I would like to suggest is a shared screen mode, probably making sense only in terms of a topdown shooter formula. How does it work is that two protagonists appear on the same screen, seen the same as if only one player was playing. Now, the crucial factor here is the automatic zoom. The mode is designed only for two players cooperative. The game always counts the distance between two protagonists, placing the point of screen focus in the middle of a straight line drawn between them. Nonetheless, the bigger the distance between the protagonists, the more the game zooms the image out - up to a certain reasonable limit. The closer the protagonists move towards one another, the more the game zooms in - also up to a reasonable limit. This way the players are encouraged for better cooperation and communication, having to manage the zoom and level of image detail through coordinated actions, handling the waves of incoming enemies at the same time.
By the way, do you think online CO-OP should be available or the one split/shared screen is enough?