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OP GinningSquid712

The idea is just an early draft but what I was thinking about is actually making a "Spartan Assault Ops", a branch of Spartans that would be entirely trained and further augmented to fulfill their given task of shaping a distinct avantgarde wing of the Spartan military, operating for extended periods of time on rough enemy territories, detached from the main force or any significant reinforcements. Perhaps a combination of special commando and espionage, with a flavour of raiderhood and survivalcraft. They would be in particular taught how to employ enemy weaponry for their use and adapt certain alien technologies, which in game terms ought to provide results uninstantaneous, making it for example an exclusive technology purchasable for ingame currency, respectively after the missions where given parts of equipment could have been recovered.

Due to the nature of their operations, members of Spartan Assault should act upon mission priorities instead of particular orders, allowing each squad to independently undertake field decisions understood as most advantageous upon proper recognition of the situation, responding only to the squad leader or the Credo, a moral rule, with the latter one applicable in terms of member of the Assault being either the last survivor or intentfully carrying out a solo mission.