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[Locked] 031 Exuberant Witness

OP Uns3N K1lL Sh0t

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For a floating purple monitor, she is pretty adorable! Which I never thought I would say after dealing with 343 Guilty Spark in Halo 1, 2, and 3. Anyone else like her and/or think she should come back for Halo 6?
I did like her! But I'm not sure that she will return with all the action shifted off of Genesis.
She is great :D Yeah definitely I hope to go back to Genesis in Halo 6, it's so beautiful
Would totally like to have her in another game too.
Hell yeah, Exuberant Witness is amazing! Can't believe that 343 managed to introduce such a insanely awesome character so late into the campaign. I certainly hope she returns in Halo 6. Since she is a the monitor of a Bulder installation she could probably supply Chief and co. with some neat new toys :D
She was a fun little bot.
I liked her being around at the end of the game, made me smile when she'd just keep talking while I just walk away.
Her name is a mouthful though. What does everyone call her Xuby? Xube?
ChaRaa wrote:
Her name is a mouthful though. What does everyone call her Xuby? Xube?
Haha I called her Whitney (Witness - Whitney) to give her more of a human touch. I like Xuby though
She's the finest waifu material the Halo franchise has ever produced.
Which is kind of sad when you think about it.
i liked her as well. wasn't expecting a monitor to show up.
Witness was a good character, it was interesting to see an almost "typically girly" character displayed in that way. I thought it worked well. Especially with the AI thing with Cortana. And the UNSC becoming friends with one of the potentially most important forerunner AIs. I really hope the exuberant plot line continues.
Ya i thought she was great. Really enjoyed walking around her zoo
Turn Exuberant into the Chief’s new partner.

She could keep him on the straight and narrow, inject some humour back into the game and act as a foil for Cortana.
Exuberant Witness is, hands down, my favorite character in Halo 5.
Just don't shake the lightbulb.
Need an EW forum avatar
"I was never in combat before. This is quite distressing. And exciting!"
For a character that came pretty late into the game and had so little time for it to show anything remotely about it's self, Exuberant Witness is a very well and amazing character and i'm pretty sure it is now on my top characters list.
She was pretty adorable and hilarious. Only thing I didn't like was that she seemed to be confused sometimes where Guilty Spark knew every little thing about his installation.
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