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10 Assassination Idea's

OP FWC Aegis 336

Give me 10 Idea's For Halo 5 Assassinations.
Counting Down from 10 to One on 10 Idea's for Assassinations For Halo 5: Guardians.

10: Murphy, Where Are- Oh Your Dead.
Spartan A (Assassinator) Takes Knife Out of Armor And Stabs Spartan B ( Assassination Victim) On the left side of his neck.

9: Lend me a Rifle.
Spartan A Goes Infront of Spartan B and Spartan A Grab's Spartan B's Battle Rifle. Spartan A then Kicks Spartan B Down to the Floor And Spartan A Take's One Hand On The Battle Rifle And shoots Spartan B in the head.

8: Punch Punch Orange.
Spartan A Runs towards Spartan B. Spartan A Punch's Spartan B In the Face while Running Behind him. Spartan B stays On the the Floor While Spartan A Does a Backflip onto Spartan B. Then Slowly Stabbing Spartan B In the Face.

7: Rejected.
Spartan B Runs Towards Spartan A. Spartan A takes Hand of knife and Throws it into Spartan B's Face

6: Knifer Whale
Spartan A Goes behind Spartan B And stabs Spartan B with an Energy sword.

5: Kill Yourself.
Spartan A Breaks Spartan B's Arm. Spartan A Forces Spartan B to Punch himself to Death with his other Arm.

4: Easter Bunny.
Spartan A Stabs Spartan B To death by simply stabbing Spartan B in the Mouth. Spartan A Then does Bunny ears (Peace Sign.) On Spartan B's Head on his dead body.

3: It's like Glue, It's just Explosive.
Spartan A Sticks a Grenade to Spartan B's Leg. Spartan B Explodes And Dies.

2: Stabber Mc Stab Mc Stabberson.
Spartan A Punches Spartan B To near Death. Spartan A Then stabs Spartan B In the Visor.

3. Is my blanket in there?
Spartan A Pushes Spartan B to the ground. Spartan A Pulls out a Magnum and shoots Spartan B in the head 7 times.
Decent ideas but the names are questionable.
My idea: Shove a Splinter grenade up their helmet, kick them away, and watch their head explode in orange confetti.
How about these:
  • Spartan A stabs Spartan B in the foot, pinning them in place. Spartan A backs up a little, and slams into Spartan B with a Spartan Charge, killing them.
  • Spartan A kicks Spartan B away, and throws their knife into Spartan B's face.
Fist at a Knife fight:
Nock the target sideways with a powered punch using thrusters then your character uses 1 hand to choke then powered throat clamp that leaves the target gasping for breath / making gurgling noises until they fall dead.
Bayonet assassination ideas.

Just a Slice:
Spartan A grabs Spartan B's right shoulder, turns him round and slashes him horizontally across the abdomen.Big Needle:
Imagine the Inevitability assassination, but with a bayonet.

Tip of the Spear (uses thrusters):
Bayonet version of Terminal Velocity.

Can Opener:
Spartan A kicks the back of Spartan B's knee, forcing him down, then Spartan A swings his gun like a battle axe to slice B's neck. (Idea by Eleventh Sniper)

Outta My Way: Spartan A shoves bayonet into Spartan B's back, then kicks him off. (Original idea by CMShankz)

Neurosurgery: Spartan A stabs Spartan B in the back of the head, then knocks him to the floor with a rifle butt to the head.

Quite the Ride:
Spartan A sweeps the legs of Spartan B and, as he hits the floor, Spartan A bayonets him in the stomach.

Shoot 'em up: Spartan A grabs Spartan B's right shoulder, turns him round, stabs him in the stomach then shoots him off.

Poking the Bear: Spartan A stabs Spartan B several times in quick succession, then stabs them in the head for final blow. Idea by Xeno24.

Danger Close: Spartan A slices Spartan across the stomach, then attaches a live grenade to body. Grenade explodes. (depends on grenade equipped, when no grenades are present, uses frag) (Like Supernova, the grenade does no damage.) Idea BH Xeno24.

Bee sting: bayonet version of 104 Ways To Die.
How about a knife attacked to my spartans balls so when i go down for a t bag on thier head it kills him/her
I only got one its called lobotomized
spartan A would go behind spartan B then spartan B would turn around and spartan A would then stab spartan B the brain and slashes through the skull of spartan B. Spartan B drops to the floor.
The Thrill er...

Spartan A slits the throat of Spartan B, then moonwalks away.
Deadly aim:
You knock an enemy onto the ground and when they try to get up and turn around to face you, you throw your knife straight into their visor.