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3 things you enjoyed most about Halo 5?

OP PurplePowErX6

I want to ask, what were the 3 biggest things you enjoyed most about Halo 5?

For Me:
  1. Silky smooth gameplay
  2. Forge additions and variations
  3. Customs browser
Give your top 3 below :)
1. Warzone, especially Warzone Firefight
2. The general gameplay changes and enhancements, such as the frame rate, the ability to ADS, etc.
3. Forge/Custom Games (it's insane to see how much Forge has evolved since the Halo 3 days)
1.- Warzone Assault, i really loved Invasion in Reach, but even without Elites WZA is better:
2.- The variety of very sick weapons
3.- Forge/custom games
  1. Warzone and all its variants. Im glad 343 broke the tradition of 8v8 being the biggest pvp playlist.
  2. The armor. No matter how much people complain about customation, they allways seem to find some look that they hav fallen in love with, some look to call thir own. Orrrrr just to mess around and be silly with
  3. The updates. While the game had a bunpy launch, every time i log on i have something to do. Be it a playlist or some comedation, but there is allways something. Even after the req addons, we have community maps and special featured playlist. Not to mention the targetmaster comendation.
1) For playlists, BTB and Firefight.

2) 60 FPS

3) All the REQ weapons.
1: Super Fiesta


3: Custom games
1) Servers and 4K60.
2) Halo 2 BR and Boltshot.
3) Super Fiesta.
#1. I must admit the req weapons have been fun to use, especially voids tear, H2 beam rifle Delta, and the answer.
#2. New vehicles, phaeton's, & the hannible vehicls.
#3 some of the campaign missions were fun to play swords of sanghelios and blue team are two of the best missions in all of Halo....even though the plot/storyline of H5 wasn't that great.

Honorable mention to warzone. While I did enjoy it I suppose I just wish the AI was smarter more aggressive and less bullet sponges. I wish they could have impacted the game more by capturing stuff and attacking more.
For me:

1. Firefight is by far one of my favorite game modes.
2. The map variation and builds are really catered to the play style
3. The voice packs for your announcers so you dont have to here the same voice all the time
  • 60 FPS
  • The addition of classic scoped weapons (favorite being the BR55)
  • The most variety in a Halo game sandbox yet
  1. Spartan Companies have been such a joy for me
  2. WarZone was a great addition to the franchise and it still entertains me
  3. Swat playlist is super smooth. Much love