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343 do you really listen to us?

OP XHeadsxShotzXLv

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Ok so ket me start off by saying ive been a halo fan since Halo 2, ive tried in all my power to collect and read everything related to halo. With thay being said.
343 these updates. And unfinished game you gave us at launch is a giant middle finger to all veteran Halo players.
343 claims to listen to fans
Fans respond in saying, hey we want more permanent playlists, hey we want to bring back older weapons. Hey bring back the falcon since we need a unsc aerial veh., hey can we get remakes of maps?
343's response? - ok so after listening to what the fans want, we decided to give you more weapon skins! More varianta of certain things! Oh you wanted a falcon? Yeah dnt worry heres this phateon. And yeah we heard you about remakes of maps! So heres a remix of torque...STASIS!!!.
Seriously just a big middle finger to us all 343.
Before you respond in saying "but we had no time to implement it at launch" BULL -Yoink-!!! its been 8 months Now and you still havent completed the game!!! SMH get your heads out of your assholr 343.
343 never ever said they are bringing back the falcon.
Did anyone notice in the stream yesterday, when they were talking about the new map the dev said " when we built this map 2 years ago..."? Most of this "New content" is standard stuff in every other halo game. I dont consider game modes in halo 1 added as free monthly dlc in Halo as "Listening to want the fans want". We "want" it cause its has always been there and you took it out.
stckrboy wrote:
Al Dog5452 wrote:
This will probably get locked, moderators don't like people spreading the truth, I completely agree with you though.
We moderate based on what does and does not break the rules, doesn't matter what side anyone is on
And like that the Mod just threw the hammer on that response like Guilty Spark lazed SgtMaj Johnson. (too soon?)
Likely not and that's not a bad thing.
  • Gives Infection
  • Gives new Carnage Report
  • Literally removes a mechanic they placed in last update that everyone hated (Speed Boost Spartan Charge)
"Not listening to fans".

I don't remember 343i ever promising a falcon. Not one person has given any real reason to why it should be including in Halo 5's gameplay other than it being a prop in Forge/Custom Games, because in BTB and Warzone it'd be fundamentally useless.

People want a lot of things. That doesn't mean everyone is entitled to get them.

You know what happened when 343i gave the community remakes of old BTB maps like Valhalla? People complained because of huge sightlines and how it doesn't fit with Halo 5's gameplay.
i get what you are saying, i also think 343i has really listened to the community though as for the falcon i would have love to see it return in the memories of reach update since the falcon was a big part of reach but the fact that we got another phaeton is just weird to me cuz it has nothing to do with reach and i thought thats what the update was about "memories of reach" i dont remember a phaeton being in reach. i'm cool with it and all but i just think its weird.
Not granting every wish = not listening, mmkay.
343 are greedy? So are we fans. All the useless crap we want to the game just because nostalgia yoink yeah.
343 wants our money? Well of yoinking course they want it. This is how they keep themselves alive darling.
Seriously this community acts like a little princess who deserves everything she wants.
The "free" updates are not free because they should have been there at launch? Well I'm just happy that they don't make everyone pay for it even more than 60 € or whatever you use in your little castle in the backyard.
Do I need to repeat the point I'm making? Stop acting like a perfect little princess. This game is now, not ten years ago when "nothing was wrong and everything was perfect". Can't even believe I actually bothered to write all this.
343 is more talented at lying to us and writing terrible stories. Look no further than halo 5's marketing and given plot. It was very clear from the lack of split screen and the introduction of the req system that 343 is more focused on making money.
um that's because its a business
What kind of answer is that?
Are you telling me that it's normal for a company to produce such a mediocre game?
What have you been drinking mate?
He's saying that businesses are SUPPOSED to make money as a first priority. Also, it's ones opinion if a game is mediocre. To many of us, it's awesome. Also, if they are so greedy apparently, then why do they give out free updates?
Ffs, throwing content into the game that was meant to be at launch months later is not "free", you have "paid 60$ for it". They are almost as greedy as supercell ( *creators of clash of clans). 14$ for a req pack is insanely high for a bunch of cosmetic items. A business can make money but a good business will make those profits in the right way by actually providing a game worth the money and not a destiny reject like this. My opinion about this game is justified by many factors such as the marketing which was full of -Yoink-, the sad excuse they gave for not adding splitscreen( how did 343 even conclude that LAN/offline multiplayer is a thing of the past?!?) and the introduction of microtransactions to this tripleA title.
I don't know if you know this, but the updates was never meant to be in the game at launch. Some of the content was completed or near completion, but a lot wasn't like this infection, firefight, grifball etc. If they were so greedy as you claim, they would've made us pay for all of the DLC.

The marketing wasn't even done by 343. Microsoft does the advertisements and from what I've heard, 343 was angry at Microsoft for the ads that didn't depict the game right.

We all know very well that 343 couldn't (not wouldn't) add split screen because the engine couldn't handle it.

Microtransactions are one of the few microtransactions that are done right. You can earn then in game and it doesn't give one an advantage.
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