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343 featured gamemode entry

OP BucketGZ

I created a game mode on halo 5 called "1 in the chamber." And I'm trying to finish it and get everything right cuz I'd love to see this become a regularly used game mode. So far me and a few of my friends feel it runs well and is quite fun. I just don't know how this entry stuff works so I came here for help and to get my name out there. My gamertag is "BucketGZ".
Sounds like fun! I would love to try it one day.
Sounds like fun! I would love to try it one day.
You can! Just look up "1 in the chamber" and you should find it!
As a fellow creator I am stoked to try this out, will definitely download it and check it out today. I have been looking for others who are interested in trying new game modes. I have two that I have created with maps to go with them as well (I am also an avid forger.) One is a variant of Warzone I made for Arena. Another is a Rainbow 6 Siege variant qith a raiding team and a defending team (made to be like a campaign mission.) Would love to get together and do some play testing if you are ever interested.