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343 keeps ignoring the wishes of the loyal fans.


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Would be nice tbh to bring it back like reach and halo 3...
So much people are whining about Halo 5! They have to step it up, so it will never be like the old Halos.
WATCHzoopi wrote:
This is the worst game in existence I expected Halo 5 no -Yoink- call of shitass duty - why would you ever change the mechanics in one of the most popular games in console history... Halo 4 was bad but atleast playable

aaaaand to top it of there is no refund so you just trap all the loyal halo fans in this limbo of Halo blasfamy

i I really miss bungie... Can't we all start a Kickstarter funding to buy halo back to bungie
Bungie doesn't want the game anymore, change is great, otherwise the game would be boring...beating a dead horse people
I have one problem bungee moved to #desity
I think some armor parts are a bit overdriven but gameplay feel and story are nicely done such as the overall performance of the game.
As a guy who just got his Xbox one one week ago and a guy who has played a shooter since halo 4, I'm very pleased with this game. My only gripe is no split screen
Halo belongs to whoever is creating it. If you no longer enjoy the title, then move on. There are so many game series and you can't have every single one tailored to you personally.
Well It is a completely different company, they cant just rely purely on what Bungie did!! If they did they would be criticized for not trying anything new. Im still loving Halo even with its changes, im not going to just drop the game because of the armor. Im playing for the experience and the journey. I think 343 are doing a pretty good job.
I don't think you understand that most of the people who were in Bungie who made Halo are now in 343 Industries leaving only a marginal fraction of the difference.
LUCENT 76 wrote:
LedCookey wrote:
LUCENT 76 wrote:
343 does their Masters bidding. The Consumer is not their Master. So we get Locke instead of Chief and warzone instead of BTB.And a unhealthy dose of microtransactions.
The Consumer is everyone's master.
I don't know what Campaign you played, but I got to see both Locke and Chief, granted there was more of Locke, but introducing a new character isn't a bad thing. I'm sorry that I don't share your wish of seeing nothing but the Chief in the next 30+ Halo games until it gets to the point where we play "Master Chief vs the Giant Squid."

"Unhealthy dose of micro-transactions"
You do know how Requisition Packs work, don't you..?
Agreed the Consumer is the Master. A lesson that MS/343 I its shocking arrogance has not learnt. The masses want Chief in Halo for the next 30 games. PTW is PTW and is disgusting.
343i will be sorry. The games sold will start to drop for each future title released. I used to get seriously amped up for each new Halo game. My son and I would count down the days. It was almost like Christmas.

Not anymore.

343 took away splitscreen and fed all the brainless twits some garbage about maintaining frame-rates and resolution as the reason why. Any dolt can figure out that 343/MS are conducting a huge CASH grab. No split screen so you have to purchase MORE consoles and MORE copies of the game. Plain and simple.

343 has ruined the anticipation of a new Halo game. They have cluttered it with armor fit for a CLOWN and PTW REQ packs.

I hate to say it but this may really be that last Halo I ever purchase. Can't wait until they enable to 360 games to play on the One next month......Then I can play Reach on the one and see all the sweet customizable armors.
I was excited to see what 343 was going to change, and as far as I'm concerned; they did a fantastic job.
NuPegasus wrote:
they're not loyal to halo if they discard halo just because it changes

I understand criticism of the fans but to blindly hate because of change is no fan.
So agree!
343 is completely listening to us about multiplayer and gameplay and is taking back feedback all the time but it doesn't help when the community is so split that so many people want different things and 343 has to go with the majority rather then the few, just so they know there changing for a majority of the fan base and not just for a few people.

Some examples:
  • In Halo 4 a very large amount of people didn't want killcams, 343 remove said killcams for Halo 5 and then because there's no killcams people are complaining that they want them back.
  • In Halo 4 a majority of people didn't like loadouts and wanted equal starts, they did what the large majority wanted and made everything equal starts and now people are complaining about equal starts and wanting loadouts back.
Basically all i'm saying is, is that if the change you wanted did not happen or does not happen in future games or updates, it means that your problem is not one that the majority of the fan base agrees on needing change.
you can barely do anything in this game
343 did not ignore their loyal fans. Halo 5 is darn near perfect. The game was everything I could have hoped for and more. If you love BungieVision so much go play that garbage Destiny game. No story to be found there. Literally non existant. They chopped up the Vanilla release and then had the audacity to sell the chopped out pieces as DLC. I am so glad Halo is in 343's capable hands. 343 effectively brought Halo into the current gen with superb mechanics and brilliant storytelling. Not to mention the buttery smooth 60fps. Flawless victory
Love the multiplayer, and cannot wait for the new playlists and forge to come out later. Wish for Firefight and/or Spartan Ops, but whatever.

Love the campaign. It felt different than 1-3/Reach, but not worse. I don't know, it's a weird feeling. I just can't point my finger on it as to how the storytelling aspects are different between 343 and Bungie. Nevertheless, I can't wait for H6.

Great game. Lacking somewhat in content, but new additions will come over the next few weeks/months. Big improvement over H4, in my opinion.

One major dislike I have is a minor gripe, and towards 343 in general: maybe it's just me, but I hate their art style and redesigns. Loved how Spartans looked in H2A and Reach (especially) rather than Power Rangers (aimed towards multiplayer Spartans and Fireteam Osiris; Blue Team look good), loved H3 Elites, and just old Covies better.

Another is the very limited customization options.
Once again, I hate how people are telling people not to complain. Just because YOU like the game doesn't mean everyone else does.
BART 117 wrote:
Looking at the new release of halo 5 i have seen this...
343i throwing away everything that bungie has done, from the awesome armour designs, the characters personalities, the overall story and lore of halo, and the multipplayer and general gameplay. Which i find extremely dissapointing as halo is loosing so many loyal fans due to 343i pride. Even when everyone complained about halo 4s armour, 343i didnt try to bring back reach or 3s, they simply added in a bunch of god awful 343i armour that doesnt look fit for a spartan. when people asked them to bring back the feel of halo 1,2,3 they ignored them and spun the story in a whole new direction that just ignores the previous halo stories, as well as permanantley damaging some of our favorite characters.
Do you guys also feel that 343i isn't listening to what we are telling them?
This +1000 And Bart learn how to use spell check.
I really probably couldn't disagree more. Although many can/will debate the merits of the campaign, I personally enjoyed it. I feel like the characters could have been a bit more fleshed out, but it isn't really impactful personally because I am very familiar with the extended lore. Beyond the campaign, the MP I believe to be the best in the series. I'm not bent out of shape with armour design because there are so many options...just gotta get req cards. Absolutely loving the game!
343 Industries does listen, I guess
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