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[Locked] [343 Response] Dedicated servers Eu???


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343 Response:

Matchmaking Search Preferences have been added today (5/12/16), in the Memories of Reach update. Please give these options a try, and let us know your results in dedicated Matchmaking Search Preference feedback threads.

These options are present on the Arena and Warzone playlist selection screens and will give you the ability to choose between Balanced, Focused, or Expanded as your search preference. Here’s how these break down:
  • Balanced (default): Search for a match based on your fireteam's skill and network connection quality.
  • Expanded: Widen search parameters to find the first available match with reasonable skill matching and network connection quality.
  • Focused: Narrow search to find the best match based on your fireteam's skill and connection. Search times may be longer than normal.
Below is a look at how and where these options will live within the UI. If you so choose, you can easily switch up your preference before you enter a playlist.


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Well after a chat to someone on Xboxlive chat they said they could not comment on dedicated servers around the world and confirmed its a worldwide server that Halo 5 is run on.

Hence why all the colection of different countries on one server located in the states.

Whoo hoooo for high pings.
I am getting kicked out of matches all the time. Do you experience the same? I am from the EU by the way.
Personally I wouldn't listen to what someone from xbox support says as truth.

They don't always know what they are talking about.

Best to wait for official word from 343/Microsoft

Personally I've had hardly any lag and have even managed to win a couple of free for all games and i'm in the UK.

Now assuming Halo 5 uses the Microsoft Azure servers then they have servers in Ireland and the Netherlands which could be used for Halo 5.

My guess it that the match making system is designed to be fast so you get connected to the first server it sees that has people around your skill level. Whether that's in the United state or Europe depends on the circumstances. If this is how it works then it would be quite possible that an American could be playing on a European server and vice versa. This is a guess though and I could be totally wrong but after trying to play titanfall on an American server I know that I would always see lag if I was always playing Halo 5 on am American server.
Eu player hear and it's miserable, I thought dedicated servers was going to be the pinnacle of online gaming. Not so
Defo not on Azure if it was the why not disclose it. I am constantly connected to USA server and i can clearly see the problem with pople not dying or taking for ever to die when im down in half the shots.

It does not need to have rubber band lag or people warping for this to be a problem with hti detection from EU/UK
I'm from the EU, and I have no problem.

Then again, my ping varies between 5 and 6.
I have the same struggle but only in big games like warzone, anything smaller and I seem to be fine most of the time.
ping of 5 or 6 yes to a server near your house. Ping east or west coast USA mate then come back and reports even with a screen shot
maybe bit offtopic but how do you check ping or latency in halo 5. Couldn't find anything.
I do not think you can mate but you can ping your xbox and see what ping you are getting to xbox live.

If you want too have an idea of ping then use speedtest and ping to east or west coast USA as thats where there dedis are.

I have a lovely 200-300ms to there from UK so its always fun playing with a high ping so much fun not being able to down most people in game even when shooting first or even from behind.
Well in multiplayer test in the xbox dashboard always pings a server in Seattle so if all the servers are in America then that's your best guide.

Mine says 151ms

Not noticing any problems in Halo 5 though.

Now in Titanfall where you choose servers. I find picking anything but European servers makes the game unplayable. but i'm not noticing any of the problems in Halo 5 that you get in titanfall when selecting an American server
It's even worse in Asia.
I'm from austria and I have not experienced any serious lag (like in H4) so far.
I'm playing in EU and it's been fine for me. Not noticed too much lag at all. My ping on testing on the dash is 150-ish. To EU servers it's usually low 30's.

The game's been playing fine and I can usually hold my own apart from the usual spawn deaths when someone runs up as you spawn in. Or where i miss my shots too much. ;-)
I've had a real problem with this. I'm EU and I've played quite a few Warzone matches with at least 60%+ US players. It's a really severe issue for those of us not in the US.
nekrulz wrote:
I'm from austria and I have not experienced any serious lag (like in H4) so far.
Count your blessing my friend, I thought the same thing a few days ago and then BOOM! I read a topic like this as all of a sudden it started happening to me.. I'm beginning to think it's a plague of some kind XD!
T0XicBoB wrote:
As the title are there any.

I am constantly getting connected to American players and no offense but i do not want to be playing with a ping of 200-300ms whislt you guys will be in low 30-50 mark.

This gives lower ping players the advantage I clearly see this when I mange to get a game with mostly EU players i know as i have came out of matches with 14-20+ kills and a good score.

Past 3 games tonight i ave got 0 kills as no matter how many fukin bullets i drop into people they do not die, and someone else kils them i get assist.

I came out the last 3 games with 0 kills tons of assists and low score because i did not have the fire power to outgun people this include AI which is downright fukin stupid.

Can anyone give me a solid link or answer if its only American servers if so I think its time out for me on multiplayer until this is sorted.
I'm in Scotland and to be honest I've not noticed a huge issue. I suck no matter what the pings are.
I've played warzone and arena games and I've done fairly well, people die after landing consistent headshots and when I get killed or know that I'm simply not having a good game ... I haven't felt pissed off about it because I haven't witnessed any bs. This must be playing on a EU server or everyone that is playing on the US server is from the EU.

Yesterday evening the frustration started to kick in, for 3-4 games pregame I noticed that anyone in game chat was from the US. I could put 5-6 headshots on players to either kill trade, get an assist or be killed even though from my view I started shooting first. I threw a grenade at the feet of one player and half a clip from a smg only to have him run up like nothing happened and melee charge and kill me.

Having players from different continents play each other in a online shooter in 2015 is ridiculous, depending on how close you are or far you are from the server high pings will result in a disadvantage or vice versa. Would be great to have your ping displayed in the scoreboard and a server selection option.

Any official response from 343 would be appreciated on how the dedicated server selection process works for players on Halo 5 from outside the US
I don't want to be rude posting this, but if anyone from the UK wants another UK buddy to play with in Arena or Warzone then add me please. :) Mister Dape
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