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[Locked] 3D Printed Spartans look pretty bad...

OP Hot Juicy Pie

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Anybody know what kind of REQ pack you get if you were to order one?
looks like they used the cheep fast 3D printer,instead of the commercial one.
I would pay $70 to have better quality.
I was interested in purchasing one, but after seeing this, no way
Im gonna buy one just cus of all this hate.
Accufi wrote:
Anybody know what kind of REQ pack you get if you were to order one?
You should get the Mister Chief emblem, because that's what it looks like.
yeah... they look pretty -Yoink-.... like mexican wrestlers' toys...
I agree. I am severely disappointed in the quality of prints when it was such a good idea.
They use cheap materials and don't paint the print because it's expensive to do these for each custom Spartan, it's as simple as that. If we were talking about story character 3D prints that were sitting on store shelves, they would be of much higher quality because they could mass produce them and wouldn't have to take the time to tool each individual Spartan into a specific pose.

If you guys want higher quality prints, let them know you'd be willing to shell out another hundred or so dollars on each size. Either that or get your own custom modding kit.
Man it looks like some sort of cake decoration =p
Do not make nonconstructive posts.


I love how your comment is marked "Spoiler." Hahahahah xD
DSight wrote:
its 3D printed guys..
So is this... don't make excuses for shoddy craftsmanship and production.
If you expect that amount of detail for $30, you're insane.
I paid $90 for the larger one and the detail was awful. The spartan also arrive snapped off completely from the stand.
The only positive thing I can say is that Sandboxr gave me a full refund and I got to keep the 3D print (albeit broken).

I personally feel $90 is a lot of money for a very low quality print. I am also struggling for a place to put it because all my other Halo collectibles put it completely to shame.
I also have the one for $30 and it is of the same low quality, but feels less insulting as it is a third of the price. You certainly do not get an xtra $60 out of the larger models.
Cannot be unseen.

Like why does it look like it just got slimed on the Kid's Choice Awards???
Oh my...that looks terrible. I can buy an action figure for around similar price that would be more worth the money...
It was 3D printed... What did you expect?
Some of them look really good.
So I got my Sandboxr Spartan in the mail today. You can see what the armor is supposed to look like from the picture under my name to the left, but the statue looks like a toddler just had banana flavored pudding and threw up all over it...
who revived this?
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