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A unfair Exploit on Raid on Apex7

OP FireGhost90

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Stop camping in your pill box like a little -Yoink- and i won't jump up there and destroy you.
Who figures these things out? People must get really bored.
There is a little spot on the map where you're able to jump into blue pill box I had an entire team use that against us not only was the match extremely imbalance in the first place but anybody can do this simple jump to enter the back of blue base and no its not one of those boost me up tricks this is literally jump and enter into the base very easy for anyone to exploit is it the back of the base supposed to be a safe way to enter safely to the middle of the map.

Ps. Whatever you want to call it it's an exploit and unfair advantage.

One last thing if you can provide a video that shows a just as easy method to get on the red side I will have this thread locked.
Well I don't have a video but you can get into both pill boxes...
I'd call it a feature, not a unfair advantage
I don't think its unfair, you just gotta watch for 'em.
You can do it for both bunkers. You can jump off someones head, or park a vehicle and just hop right in. Clever and sneeky if you ask me.
Calm down people. It's not an exploit at all. It's certainly not unknown to 343i.
Here is my tutorial on how to do it. So watch this video to learn how to get into the red and blue pillow boxes.
Again, it's not an exploit. The entrance is also shielded, so it takes all bases to get Inside from the pillow box. Again, it's not an exploit, it's perfectly acceptable to do so. Working as intended. So watch the video to learn how to do it.

Carry on and get into pillow boxes.
343i calls them pill boxes, I cal them pillow boxes.
If everyone can do it, it isn't a cheat.
Yes wenn both Teams can use it ist no cheating
You can do it on the other side as well
A little above the spire there is a place you can jump on that leads to the other side
However you gotta go fast cause a countdown will start
Then adjust man its never going to be fair
more of a map oversight
Techarch 1 wrote:
I'll tell you what's not fair. At the start of the match, Blue team has a straight shot to the West Armory. WA is supposed to be the given armory for Red team. Blue team has the chance to majorly slow down or even prevent Red team from taking the Spire. This is not fair.
I agree, and also the West Armory is right next to the beach where there is 2 legendary bosses. So if blue team has the Spire, red team has a long run.
It's not cheating; it's just an unfortunate oversight that 343 didn't expect when they designed the map.
Not cheating and not an oversight. You can do that at the other crows nest as well. There's a reason those rock formations are in the perfect shape and size for it near each area. If anything, it's a good strategy to stop campers and snipers.
It's apart of the game, there are two ways to get up to both boxes, 1800GitGud
So players who enter the back door and blow up your core with a fuel rod are cheating.... Are we really this pathetic? I mean, you cannot have someone watch that area.

Better keep watch there... or I might just destroy that core.

People keep assuming that those who win over them are cheating, unable to take a loss. But whatever. Exploit your environment, if you are unable to do that you deserve your loss.
Apex 7 is pretty much flawed in terms of balancing. Each side has pros which are the cons for the other side. It's also the only Warzone map that is asymmetrical.

Blue Team:
>Faster route to the Red Armory, sometimes even faster than Red Team
>Faster route to the Blue Armory (as compared to red to their armory)
>Ability to jump into the sniper nest of Red team and infiltrate the base that way ( as OP mentioned)
>Can kill initial home base enemies faster (as Red teams Elites usually go for a stroll on the beach far right)

Red Team
>Can jump on the Spire's arm from their nest to get to the Spire faster.
>Have more ways onto the Spire in general
>Have more cover inbetween their armory and Spire
>Tank Master Rok spawns more to their side
actually there are 3 ways to get up to the other base
crazy you all are just seeing this, me and my watzone buddy's been doing this since the third week. I believe 343 fully intended on this to be there, other wise kids would just camp up there with Snipers or BRs. Btw you can do it in the other one as well, from multiple ways. This is NOT cheating, you have the advantage by seeing them come then when they get there they still have to clamber, it's really easy to defend.
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